How to get a job in another state

Getting a new job is stressful itself. And trying to getting employed in another state before you moved there is a much bigger challenge. Companies prefer hiring local employees as hiring someone located far away involves certain risk. Yet, it’s possible to find a job that fits your qualifications and career goals if you use the right strategy. Read below for simple, actionable tips.

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How to find a job in another state?

Explain the relocation in your cover letter

Once the employers see your resume with an out-of-state address, they want explanations why you’d like to work for them. A cover letter is a perfect place to address this issue. For instance, you can write “I am relocating to Chicago in September 2020 as my partner was offered a job there”. If you’re not sure how to make an effective letter, reach out to professional writing services near me.

Change your resume address

If you have a friend or relative in a city you’re moving to, it’s a smart move to use a local address. Yet, this strategy has a downside – your travel expenses won’t be compensated as the company believes you’re local. Another option is to change your current resume address to “Relocating to Chicago 09/2020”. Thus, the employers will see you are determined to move and will be more willing to interview you.

Express confidence that you are moving

Both in a cover letter and during the phone screening you should sound 100% sure you are moving. Don’t say that you are considering to move or you like the city – such reasons automatically make you a high-risk candidate. Give them a solid reason for moving, and make it clear that you’ll relocate regardless of their willingness to give you a job.

Consider internal job opportunities

Before you start looking for jobs online, check out the existing opportunities within your company. Maybe, your employer has an office in your target city or they can allow you to work remotely. Chances are, you won’t have to look for a job at all as you can keep it in a new location. This move will save you a lot of time and energy during the tough relocation period.

Look for a job as usual

Top companies in the city you’re moving to are likely to use the same job boards to post jobs. So, set the target location and explore jobs as usual. Research the best companies in your target area and reach out to them via the corporate website. If you have friends or acquaintances there, ask if they can recommend you for a position – a reference can help downplay the relocation issue.

Negotiate the interview travel terms

Flying or driving to a different state isn’t cheap, let alone the fact that it’s hard to make time for it if you’re still employed. Ask the company if they conduct phone or video interviews so that you won’t have to travel multiple times. Suggest that they schedule face-to-face interviews only if they believe you’re a potential hire. And don’t be shy to ask if they compensate cost of travel – it can save you lots of money.

Give your resume a boost

Whether you look for a job locally or in another state, it’s better to have a strong resume at hand. If you believe yours could use an update, it’s a good idea to buy a custom CV from cheap resume writing services. You don’t have to do a resume on your own and can rely on help of a UK resume helper. These legal services typically ask you to order a purchase, and then assign a writer who focuses on skills and achievements in my cheap resume to get you shortlisted and hired.

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