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How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2020

Undoubtfully, YouTube is the leading video sharing platform in the world. In addition to this, it is also the second-largest search engine only second to Google. With such remarkable achievements, it has attracted not only video viewers but also a large pool of marketers who want to use the platform to advance their online marketing campaigns.

If you are among these marketers or have had a YouTube channel before, you understand how tasking it is to get views. Speaking from experience it can be a frustrating endeavour. Often, the reason why we don’t get YouTube views is perhaps that, we haven’t given YouTube enough time. Nowdays you can even take service of Social media marketing agency and buy views from them. When you buy views from quality providers, you are getting non-drop youtube views that will boost the popularity of your video on YouTube.

Here we will look at a few organic tips on how you can get your channel or marketing campaign up and running.

Start by building your videos around a single keyword.

This may seem obvious but most people tend to forget this important step. If you want to achieve maximum results on YouTube, it is best practice that you build your videos around a specific topic or keyword that is of interest to your targeted population. With an SEO maximised keyword, you increase your chances of getting noticed among the thousands of videos posted on YouTube each day.

Ensuring all the basics are updated. 

Before posting any video to YouTube make sure you address the fundamentals. Ensure that all checkboxes are ticked, ensure that you have a consistent visual identity i.e. your YouTube channel icon should be visible. For marketers, ensure that you have up to date contact information describing who you are what you offer and all the other basics that concern your business.

Improve your titles to address an ideal audience. 

Titles mean everything. To start with, your titles should be niche specific try searching other videos in the same area just to ensure that you are not in your own world. There are plenty of online SEO tools to help identify trending keyword searches that could help you choose the right keyword. 

Improve your descriptions. 

Keywords and descriptions go hand in hand, in short, a video description tells your visitors what your video is all about. so, similar to titles your keyword should be optimised for SEO searches. Above all, it should be an eye-catching, one that is capable of attracting the attention of your viewers. 

Increase your subscriber base.

When people subscribe to your YouTube channel, they get email notifications whenever you upload a new video. Additionally, the new updated typically will appear on their homepages. So, increasing your subscribers is sort of a guarantee for more video views. Why? Because these people are likely to get note of your new uploads and chances are, they probably are going to view them. You can take service from InternetMarketingRocks and buy more YouTube views from them to increase your popularity.

Improve your thumbnail image. 

Thumbnails are what people first see before clicking on any video. Working on intriguing and engaging thumbnails could work wonders for your videos. Ensure that you have a high-quality image that features readable fonts. The images should be highly visual and should correspond to your keywords and titles.

Make use of tags. 

Lastly, YouTube tags are useful in helping the algorithm classify your video and understand the type of viewers you are targeting. Tags often include phrases or words that you add into your video description. To achieve maximum results, make sure that your tags reflect your keywords first, then include a wide range of other related tags that feature the content of your videos.



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