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How To Get More YouTube Views: Essentials For Beginners

YouTube remains the most popular social platform in the world for making money, becoming famous, promoting a brand, or just sharing your thoughts with the Internet community. More and more blogs are created every day. It can be hard for beginners to reach their goals, because of the high competition rate. So the most concerning question is how to get more views on YouTube and become a popular blogger.

To reach success you have to think of a solid plan. Scheduling and planning are vital for a blogger, especially at the beginning of a career. Here are the important points to pay attention to.


Before you start your way to success you have to define the main topics of your blog. It is important to have a consistent list of themes to form an audience and get a constant flow of views. People prefer narrow-themed blogs that sometimes dilute their content with fresh trends or news.

Also, use relevant hashtags and keywords. They should be included in your video titles and descriptions. Think of catchy titles and don’t write too detailed descriptions. Check what your competitors are using and get some inspiration for your texts. Don’t try to copy someone else’s style, always keep looking for something unique.


This can be done in order to make your growth quicker. Unlike common opinion states, using paid services isn’t a kind of cheating, if used wisely, and with a concrete purpose. Getting more views through buying them is a way to make the algorithms of YouTube to work for you. These algorithms promote videos on YouTube using data about the number of views, likes, and comments. Videos with better statistics are promoted more effectively.

So to gain the statistics you need, you can buy youtube likes, followers, and cheap real YouTube views, in any number that you consider relevant for your channel.

The main piece of advice here is – don’t overload your account with paid promotion, so you can work with the flow of new followers without the rush.


A well-optimized channel helps to gain more views, likes, and subscribers. There are many ways for optimization on Youtube. On the example of popular influencer Lily Singh, you can see what you need to do.

The main tips to look for:

  • Branding – the channel has a complete aesthetic look. Her banner and profile picture synergize. The colors of the banner image are pleasant to the eye and demonstrate her social position as well.
  • Channel description is short, informative, and witty. The description has to tell people what they can expect in this channel. You only have 1000 symbols to use, so do that wisely.
  • Links to other social profiles. A must-have for a popular blogger, as adding them enlarges your audience and creates a strong community.
  • Related Channels board on the right – sometimes is very underestimated, but in fact, it only increases your rating. This feature is working as collaboration and provides more new viewers from those channels.


We have already stated that the YouTube algorithm uses the data about your statistics for ranking. These statistics include views, likes, and comments, which are mutually assisting in gaining themselves. That means that to get more views you need to provide better engagement in your content. Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to subscribe, like and comment on your video. Also, reply to comments, ask questions and think of different kinds of games, lotteries, or contests. Collaboration with other bloggers is a must. By making cooperation video, you enlarge your target audience and channel statistics.

Another way to obtain more views is to engage the audience from your profiles on other social platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Add links to your most popular or latest videos and ask people to watch them.


According to YouTube research, 90% of top-rated videos have a thumbnail image. That means that luring your potential viewers with an attractive preview actually works. It is extremely effective for getting more YouTube views.

Here are the main criteria for a good thumbnail:

  • Bright background colors (preferably blue, orange, yellow or green)
  • Up-shoulder portraits or pictures that illustrate the plot of the video
  • Logo or watermark ( it would better be small)
  • Engaging text


The secret of Playlists’ effectiveness is the function of Auto-play. It basically speculates human laziness. They wouldn’t want to make an effort for a few more clicks, especially if they have enjoyed the previous video. Also, playlists open additional opportunities for adding more relevant keywords for search engines.

A trailer turns accidental viewers into loyal ones. It is a short video that is shown to new visitors to your channel. Its main function is to pick up users’ interest and make them want to subscribe to your blog.


To make your channel stand out from all others in your niche and get more views, you have to stay on the crest of a wave. Always check out the latest news in the industry that you are involved in, and what happens around the world. You should be in a constant search for new information to share with your viewers, thus becoming a leader of minds.

Another way to gain popularity is to participate in popular challenges and contests. Viral content provides a good flow of new viewers and allows you to enhance your stats faster.


Getting more views on YouTube is a complex task, but with a little bit of creativity and good strategy it can be done in short terms without big experience. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and at the same time learn from the biggest influencers of your industry. The only thing you need is to start, and everything else will eventually come to you. And remember, nothing is impossible when you have a good plan in your pocket. Good luck!



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