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How to Get Revision Zero in Destiny 2
All you need to know about getting the Revision Zero Exotic

Revision Zero is an exotic pulse rifle that was introduced in the Season Of The Seraph of Destiny 2. It is a powerful and upgradable weapon that can be obtained through a quest that requires players to complete various challenges and puzzles. In this article, we will provide a guide on how to get the Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle in Destiny 2.

Credits – AOTF

How to Get the Quest for obtaining the Revision Zero:

The Quest to obtain the Revision Zero runs parallel to the weekly quests of the Season Of The Seraph quests, players need to first complete the quests from the first two weeks of the “More than a Weapon”, the quest for the quest begins when the players first come across a chest for the week 3 of the more than a weapon questline. Here they will receive another quest called “Operation: Seraph’s Shield,” which is a relatively difficult quest to complete due to the complex nature of its puzzles. Players can bring along a team of other guardians to help them progress faster, but it is also possible to do it solo, which will be more difficult and time consuming.

How to get the Revision Zero Exotic:

After completing the “Operation : Seraph’s Shield” quest, players will need to talk to the exo frame. Here is where players will get a red outlined version of the Revision Zero, unlike most weapons that require 4 red outlined versions of themselves to craft, the Revision Zero only needs one. Players must ensure that they have completed the first mission of the Witch Queen because only then will they be able to craft guns.

Now that players have the revision zero, they can choose to shape a new version of the Revision Zero and install some updates in it. As the weeks go by in the Season of the Seraph, each week a new quest will be available for players to upgrade the Revision Zero, Players can also have catalysts for the weapon, The quests to upgrade the Revision Zero will be available after completing that week’s story quest. The objectives for this quest will be pretty simple, like getting kills or completing patrols, after this is done players need to start the legend form of the “Operation : Seraph’s Shield” One of the four acquirable catalysts can also be equipped.

Overall, the Revision Zero is a formidable weapon that can greatly enhance a player’s gameplay experience. While obtaining it may require some time and effort, the reward is well worth it for those willing to put in the work. So if you’re looking to add this exotic pulse rifle to your arsenal, be sure to complete the Beyond Light campaign and the Exo Challenge to unlock it. Good luck and happy hunting!