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How to get the blue tick on Twitter

What exactly does verification mean?

Verification is a feature that is part of Twitter’s commitment to serving the online world by helping inform people about how authentic accounts with high public interest really are.

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Who can be verified on Twitter?

To be verified, your account has to be authentic, notable, and active. The six types of accounts that Twitter verifies are:

  1. Government
  2. Companies, brands, and non-profit organisations
  3. Journalists and news organisations
  4. Figures and institutions in the entertainment industry
  5. Sports and e-sports
  6. Activists, organisers, and other individuals with a strong degree of online influence

The application process

Beginning from May 20, 2021, Twitter will be making verification applications available for everyone. If you do not see it in your Account Settings tab right away, there is no need to worry, as everyone must be able to apply soon enough.

You do not need to submit an ID to be verified on Twitter. To be verified on Twitter means that your account is authentic, notable, and active. In order to confirm the authenticity of your account, verification of your identity is required. IDs issued by the government are just one way to verify your identity. Alternatively, you can also use an official website with direct references to your Twitter profile or an official email address with a domain that relevant to the category of your choice.

You can apply for verification of your account either through your Account Settings on the Twitter mobile application or on twitter.com.

  1. Click on the icon that looks like […].
  2. Head to your Settings and privacy.
  3. Go to your Account > Account information > Verification Request
  4. Tap on Start Request and submit your request for verification.

It may take up to a few weeks for your application to be reviewed and processed, depending on the volume of applications in Twitter’s queue. Each eligible application is reviewed by a human to ensure that all of your application materials are thoughtfully and thoroughly reviewed. If the queue grows to a point where Twitter is not able to honour this review time, they may stop accepting any new applications until they have finished going through their backlog.

When you submit an application, you will be notified via the app and through the email that you used for the application. You will also be notified through your email when your application has been either approved or rejected.

If your application was rejected, you can reapply for verification 30 days after rejection if you feel that the decision made was wrong. In fact, you can apply once every 30 days.

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