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How To Get Tingle’s Armour in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
A guide on Getting Tingle’s Armour in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

In the popular game, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have the opportunity to collect a variety of armor and outfits for the protagonist, Link. These outfits not only provide unique effects but also pay homage to characters from previous Zelda titles. One such iconic outfit available in Tears of the Kingdom is the Tingle outfit, inspired by the eccentric character Tingle, who believes he is a fairy or a reincarnated version of one.

Credits – GosuNoob

Tingle is a well-known character in the Zelda series, having made appearances in games like Majora’s Mask and The Wind Waker, and even starring in his own side adventure games like Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland. To acquire the Tingle Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom, players will need to embark on a journey throughout the vast world of Hyrule, collecting each piece of the armor set one by one.

Tingle’s Hood:

The first part of Tingle’s outfit, Tingle’s Hood, can be found in the Gerudo Highlands. To reach this location, players can access the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. However, it is essential to come prepared with warm clothes or warming foods and elixirs, as the area can be quite chilly. Northwest of the Gerudo Summit, players will discover the Eighth Heroine Statue, which played a significant role in a quest in Breath of the Wild for obtaining sand and snow boots. The statue’s coordinates are (-4371, -0516, 0470).

Tingle’s Hat:

Tingle’s hat is located inside the caves within the statue. To gain access, players will notice a large yellow light sensor attached to the front of the statue. Activating it requires the use of a Zonai device mirror, which can be found nearby. Players should position themselves on a platform close to the statue and direct the mirror towards the sensor, harnessing the sun’s rays to activate it. This action opens the door to the cave concealed within the statue’s face.

Upon entering the cave, players will encounter several Gibdos and flying Gibdos that need to be defeated. It is advisable to equip lightning weapons or carry shock fruit to exploit their vulnerabilities. At the end of the cave, players will discover a small shrine containing a treasure chest. Inside the chest awaits Tingle’s Hood, the first piece of the Tingle Armor set.

Tingle’s Tights:

The next piece, Tingle’s Tights, can be found in the Mount Dunsel area. Players should look towards the far southeast of the map, where Lurelin Village is situated. A long cliff called Cape Cales resides in this region. Standing on the northern edge of Cape Cales, players can make a daring jump into the water near a cave. It is crucial to aim the jump towards the north. After landing in the water, players should search the water’s edges for planks and Zonai fans that can be used to create a makeshift raft using Link’s Ultrahand ability. Players need to continue navigating the northern part of the water until a cave entrance becomes visible. The entrance can be found where the cliff meets the water and its coordinates are 3627, -3216, 0000.

Upon locating the cave entrance, players should position the raft to sail into the opening, leading them to an initially impenetrable wall. To gain access, players need to press down on the D-pad to whistle, which prompts the door to open. Inside the cave, players should eliminate all enemies aboard a giant ship. Behind some crates nearby, a chest awaits, containing Tingle’s Tights, the second piece of the Tingle Armor set.

Tingle’s Shirt:

The final piece of the Tingle Armor set is Tingle’s Shirt, which can be found in one of the two Dueling Peaks caves positioned between the two peaks. The northern cave, located at coordinates 1191, -1864, 0157, reveals a puzzle solution on the ceiling. Conversely, the southern Dueling Peaks Cave, positioned slightly higher than the northern cave at 1183, 01946, 0246, requires players to recreate the puzzle’s answer by placing rocks on specific pressure plates. Successfully solving the puzzle causes a wall at the back of the chamber to move aside, granting players access to a chest containing Tingle’s Shirt, the final piece of the Tingle Armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

By collecting Tingle’s Hood, Tingle’s Tights, and Tingle’s Shirt, players can complete the Tingle Armor set, allowing Link to resemble the eccentric character himself. Each piece of the armor set adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the game, and their acquisition serves as a testament to the player’s dedication and exploration skills in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.