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How To Beat Flux Construct 3 in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
A guide on Beating Flux Construct 3 in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Beating Flux Construct 3 in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom is a challenging task that requires careful strategy and quick reflexes. This mini-boss is composed of floating Zonai cubes that shift and turn, presenting a formidable opponent. However, with the right approach, you can emerge victorious. Here’s a guide on how to defeat Flux Construct 3 in the game.

Credits – PocketTactics

In Tears of the Kingdom, you can encounter Flux Construct 3 in two locations: the Sky Islands and the Depths. The mini-boss roams around in a set pattern, waiting for unsuspecting adventurers to stumble upon it.

The Weakness of Flux Construct 3:

All Flux Constructs, including Flux Construct 3, can only be damaged by targeting their weak spot. These Constructs consist of multiple Zonai cubes stacked together, but there is one cube that stands out. This cube features distinctive eye-like red markings and serves as the Construct’s weakness. To defeat Flux Construct 3, you must focus your attacks on this cube. You can target the weak spot using either the Ultrahand or arrows.

Flux Construct 3 has three distinct phases, each requiring a different strategy.

Phase 1: Robot Form

The initial phase of Flux Construct 3 is the Robot Form, which vaguely resembles a humanoid shape. Your first task is to identify the weak spot. Among the rapidly shifting cubes, locate the cube with the red markings. Once you’ve found it, use the Ultrahand to shake it loose or shoot it with an arrow.

This action will stun the Construct for approximately 15 seconds. Utilize your strongest melee weapon during this window of opportunity and deliver as many hits as possible. When the stun duration ends, Flux Construct 3 will transition to phase 2.

Phase 2: Cube Form

During phase 2, Flux Construct 3 transforms into a large cube composed of stacked cubes. The cube possesses two attacks: a rotating, slow-moving attack and a slamming attack where it rises into the air and forcefully slams down. Both attacks can be avoided by quickly running away.

The weak spot is located on one side of the cube. As the cube charges towards you, patiently wait for the weak spot to come into your line of sight. Once it does, use the Ultrahand to shake it or fire an arrow. Utilize your most powerful weapon to inflict maximum damage, preparing for the upcoming phase.

Phase 3: Floating Platform Form

In phase 3, Flux Construct 3 transforms into a floating platform that ascends into the air. The weak cube is positioned at the top of the platform, making it challenging to target.

To reach the weak spot, pay attention to when the floating platform shoots out cubes. As soon as it does, select one of the fallen cubes and use Recall to retrieve it. Quickly climb on top of the cube before it starts moving backward, allowing you to reach the floating platform. Once you’re on the platform, focus your attacks on the weak spot until Flux Construct 3 is defeated.

If the health bar of Flux Construct 3 is not depleted after phase 3, it will randomly switch between the different phases. Keep the strategies for each phase in mind and continue your assault until you emerge victorious.

Upon defeating Flux Construct 3, it will drop various items, including a Flux Core 3. Similar to the Stone Talus Heart, the Flux Core is a remarkable fusion material capable of significantly enhancing the power of any weapon it is attached to. Ensure that you fuse it with a weapon before leaving the area, as it will despawn otherwise.

By following these strategies and adapting to Flux Construct 3’s shifting forms, you’ll increase your chances of success in defeating this challenging mini-boss in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.