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How To Get to the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom
A guide on Getting to the Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

In the epic adventure of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players embark on a thrilling journey alongside Sidon, which culminates in the formidable Water Temple.

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How To reach the Water temple:

This magnificent location becomes accessible after venturing through Wellspring Island and propelling oneself upwards using the majestic waterfall. Reaching the Water Temple triggers a significant interaction between Link, the protagonist, and Sidon, allowing players to activate the temple’s altar as a fast travel point. While the temple itself is not particularly large, its intricate puzzles and formidable boss pose a challenge. In this guide, we will explore the step-by-step process of conquering the Water Temple and provide crucial information to aid you on your quest.

Before delving into the intricacies of the Water Temple, it is essential to equip yourself with the necessary supplies. Once you have unlocked the Water Temple as a fast travel location, you can freely leave and replenish your resources, such as food, splash fruit, and arrows, without the need to traverse a lengthy island once again.

To begin your journey within the Water Temple, you must open four water valves to cleanse the temple of sludge. Although the valves have a prescribed order from left to right, you have the freedom to tackle them in any sequence. During this phase, Sidon rejoins your party, granting you access to his water-based abilities, similar to those employed during the Sludge Like fight.

Now let’s outline the steps required to reach and conquer each valve within the Water Temple:

Opening the First Valve in the Water Temple:

  1. Head to the southwest, where you’ll discover a series of platforms resembling a broken bridge. Utilize the low gravity of the islands to jump and glide upward.
  2. Defeat the three constructs awaiting you on the upper platforms.
  3. Employ a splash fruit arrow to remove the mud obstructing a waterfall floating in the air toward the south.
  4. Ascend the waterfall and retrieve a Zora Shield from a chest.
  5. Clean the mud from a water bubble maker using Sidon’s water ability.
  6. Capture the glowing ball present in the water and place it into a water bubble. This action propels it to a higher platform. Follow it by entering a bubble yourself.
  7. Position the ball over the glowing hole using the Ultrahand, causing it to hover above it.
  8. Employ the Ultrahand on nearby floating platforms and attach it to the top of the floodgate. Activate the platform and raise the floodgate using the Ultrahand. This action drains the water, enabling the ball to fall into the hole and open the cage, granting access to the valve.
  9. Utilize Sidon’s water ability to activate the valve. Once completed, return to the main area of the Water Temple.

Opening the Second Valve in the Water Temple:

  1. Descend from the broken bridge that led you to the first valve and follow the path to the lower floor of the Water Temple.
  2. Use Sidon’s water shield ability to pass through the flames obstructing the entryway.
  3. Inside, transport the glowing ball from one side of a spike pit to the entrance. Employ the Ultrahand to create a bridge over the spikes using floating platforms, and carefully maneuver the ball forward. Attach the ball to the platforms using the Ultrahand for better control.
  4. Remember to strike the platforms to make them float.
  5. Aim an arrow at the floating platform carrying a chest to bring it down, granting you access to a large zonaite.
  6. When you reach the wall, you can either build steps using the platforms or ascend swiftly using Ascend on a floating platform.
  7. Attach the ball to the center of a floating platform using the Ultrahand, rotate the platform, and insert the ball into the hole.
  8. Employ another platform to press down on the square switch near the door, allowing Sidon to join you.
  9. Activate the water wheel using Sidon’s ability and return to the main area of the Water Temple.

Opening the Third Valve in the Water Temple:

  1. At this stage, you may encounter a construct and chuchus in the central part of the Water Temple. Eliminate them as necessary.
  2. Direct an arrow with a splash fruit at a clogged waterfall to the northeast.
  3. Ascend the waterfall and defeat the fire-like enemy located on the right. A chest dropped by the defeated enemy contains five arrows.
  4. Climb the rubble and employ Recall on a water bubble to ascend to higher platforms.
  5. Utilize the Ultrahand to attach the square pieces to the water wheel. Rotate the wheel until it gains sufficient momentum to keep spinning.
  6. Capture the water bubble using the Ultrahand and connect the two electrical lines.
  7. Activate the water wheel using Sidon’s ability and return to the area where you encountered the fire-like enemy.

Opening the Fourth Valve in the Water Temple:

  1. Employ Ascend to descend through the floor where the fire-like enemy used to be. Engage the constructs and chuchus that await you.
  2. After defeating them, use water bubbles to cleanse the sludge from the spinning structure.
  3. Utilize the surrounding objects to construct a tall platform near the spinning structure. Glide from this platform and use your bow to aim at the switch inside the structure. Time will slow down, facilitating a successful hit on the switch.
  4. Obtain a chest from the northern side of the drained pool, yielding an Opal.
  5. Once the switch is activated, the water will drain, granting access to the water wheel. Utilize Sidon’s ability to activate the wheel and turn on the final valve.