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How To Help Your Child With Distance Learning

The transition to distance learning can be difficult, ranging from technical problems to psychological aspects. This is normal! We will tell you how can parents cope with it.

Organize studies

Remote learning will be a headache if you do not know how to structure the process. This is where parents come into play – one of their key tasks is to help organize distance learning. You need to explain how to organize a school day for effective learning. Here are a couple of basic recommendations for parents.

Tip 1: Arrange a learning space

You only need a computer or tablet to study. Help your child set up the computer so that they can use it easily. Connect to the high-speed Internet, install a browser with Flash support and antivirus, and purchase a headset.

Let your child choose from a range of colors, styles, and accessories for their workspace, so they can enjoy their studies.

Tip 2. Stick to the mode

When you learn from home, it is important to live according to the schedule – to lie down on time, get up early, study in clear time intervals and not to forget about the physical activity. Take into account the schedule based on the individual requests of the student – it is necessary to write in the daily schedule of additional classes, and sections, and rest. Finally, paper writing service may help to save time.

Keeping an eye on mental health

Psychological assistance in distance learning is another important aspect. Part of it is provided by teachers – their area of responsibility includes weekly communication with the child through audio and video. 

The teacher discusses with the child not only study, but also self-organization, load sharing, time management, hobbies. If there are burnout, fatigue, loss of motivation and other psychological problems, the mentor will come to the aid and discuss the situation with the child and parents. Sometimes a friendly conversation, based on mutual understanding and respect, is enough to correct the situation – and you will not need to consult directly with a psychologist. 

It happens that a teenager is at a loss after moving to high school, and does not know what profession to lean into – and the choice has to be made early. 

At this moment the teacher investigates the child’s interests and creates individual educational routes. He has a special mission: he will advise on how to build an individual educational route, will help to determine the future profession or just set the vector of development. Thanks to the work with the tutor, children begin to study independently and realize the value of education.

We support them at exams

The main tool for the successful completion of tests and controls is solid knowledge. Therefore, it is important to find “your” teachers. A child should feel comfortable learning under their guidance. At the time of assessment, the child especially needs the psychological support mentioned in the previous paragraph. 


Studying from home seems difficult or unusual, but problems are easy to overcome if you know how to approach them. However, mentors and class leaders assist in organizing distance learning, and parents work out more deeply the interests and aspirations of the child, helping to build a career path and love to learn. 



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