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How to hide notifications on lock screen on iPhone

There are heap justifications for why you might need to conceal warnings from your iPhone lock screen, yet the vast majority can connect with this one:

iPhone Lock Screen Privacy and Security Tips

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Do you get too many mother loving messages? Furthermore, every time you get one you hear the natural dinging sound as each new email fills your lock screen with a token of your numerous commitments? No doubt… feels awful, man. Particularly when it’s after work hours, or it’s the end of the week and you’re essentially attempting to partake in the valuable period where you’re not bringing in cash to remain alive. Messages, man…

At any rate, fortunately, we can show you a few unique ways of receiving those awful email notices (or anything that warning you need) of your lock screen.

From your lock screen


  1. Observe the warning on your lock screen

Observe the notices you need to stow away from your lock screen


  1. Swipe left on it to see your choices, and tap “Make due”

Swipe left on the warning and tap “Make due”


  1. Tap “Convey Quietly”

Tap the choice that says “Convey Quietly”


As it says, “Calm warnings show up in Notification Center, yet don’t show up on the lock screen, play a sound, present a flag, or identification the application symbol.” Essentially, these notices will be stowed away from your lock screen. This won’t conceal all warnings, notwithstanding – just notices for that particular application. For instance, concealing your email notices won’t make your iPhone conceal instant message notices.

From your settings


  1. Go to your settings


  1. Tap “Warnings”


  1. Find the application you need to conceal warnings for and tap it


  1. Under “Alarms” tap the “Lock Screen” choice until the circle under it is unrestrained

Ensure the “Lock Screen” choice is unrestrained, as it shows here


Once more, you’ll need to do this for each application you need to conceal notices for, yet the cycle is straightforward and shouldn’t accept you long by any stretch of the imagination. Also very much like that, your notices will be stowed away from your lock screen.



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