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How To Improve Internal Communication in Your Company

Effective internal communication is vital in any business. Below are several actions you can take right away to improve the internal communication in your firm. 

Make As Much Sticky Information Available As Possible

Every company has a set of internal information or sticky knowledge that all workers in the company know. It can take weeks or months to learn how a company operates, from following protocols to preparing documents to many other types of best practices. The good news is that there is software available to share vital company information practices and knowledge across the company, such as with a Google-based intranet. 

You can help your employees learn this vital information faster by encouraging the company intranet. Also, make learning robust company practices part of early and ongoing training. 

Make the Company Mission and Vision Clear

Make sure you take a lot of time to explain its values and mission, whether it is on the company intranet or part of the core corporate training. When workers are unified in understanding the company’s goals, they can communicate with each other to better reach them. 

Keep Dialogue Open

Keep your workers up-to-date on changes in the company, progress, and any plans. This is made easier by keeping your company intranet interactive and up to date with the latest information. Employees generally enjoy reading company and industry news regularly. You can offer them the ability to share information on the company intranet. 

By showing their knowledge, employees will want to be more involved in the work. This creates a higher energy level and purpose with effective communication. It also helps your business by sharing vital insights throughout the company. 

Use Online Project Management Tools

There are plenty of online tools that can help you facilitate company communication. They can help project managers keep track of a vital project’s progress so that all employees know what needs to be done. Face-to-face communication is always crucial, but online tools can save time and help keep work fully documented. 

Managers Should Lead By Example

Do you think you can encourage people to stay late to work on a vital project if you leave at 5 pm? Would you talk about low sales this quarter and then drive into the company parking lot in a $100,000 Audi? 

Hopefully, you would not do such things because the best way to improve communication is to lead by example. If you want them to communicate well, make sure you do what you ask them to do. If you tell them you expect them to read and add information to the company intranet about project progress, make sure you do the same. 

Get Buy-In From the Workers

Leading by example is a big help, but you may need to make more effort to get employees to communicate better across company channels. Millions of dollars are flushed down the toilet each year because of poor communication that could be easily solved. This is a concern for leaders but not always for employees. 

To get your workers to buy in, you will need to show and offer value to them. Excite them about why sharing company information is essential. Show they will receive benefits for keeping others informed about their project progress. For example, for people who provide detailed project reports that show on-time and on-budget projects, you can reward them with more days off and other recognition. 

Improving internal communication in a company is not always easy, but by taking it step by step, you should see results within a few weeks or months. 



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