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5 Tips to Bet Online on Cricket

5 Tips to Bet Online on Cricket

It may not be as popular as soccer or basketball at a global level, but cricket dominates the field when it comes to Indian sports betting market. The vast majority of the betting operators you can find at sites like BettingBilly India highlight cricket as their main wagering option. Nevertheless, what do you know about cricket betting? There may be a lot of you who wish to try their luck with this particular sport but do not know where to start. This is why we have designed a list of the top five tips for online wagering on cricket.   

  1. Narrow your choice of teams and markets

Cricket provides a massive selection of markets and is one of the toughest sports to handicap. We would warmly recommend you to choose the market that best suits you and to keep the main focus on the domestic competitions. You can be the best punter in the world, but you can’t still have the profound knowledge of every tournament or club in the world. Just stick with what you know best. 

  1. Check different betting sites 

A long-term success in sports betting often requires much more than just minding specific competitions or sports. If you want to make a living from betting, you should always check different gambling hubs to see which one offers the best odds for the specific cricket event you are interested in betting on. 

  1. Always do a research

Internet has become super popular in the past decade. It allows you to find the information you are looking for, including anything you may be interested into in terms of both domestic and international cricket. Before placing a bet, you should do your research by checking historical trends, a particular side’s weaknesses or strengths, team forms, etc. Also, pay attention at the condition of the pitch because it can play a huge role in cricket betting.  

  1. Avoid in-play betting

Live betting does bring the thrill we are all thriving for, but it is by no means profitable when it comes to cricket, in particular. You will have very limited success backing the “Method of the Next Dismissal”, “Next Batsman Out”, or “Runs Off Next Ball”. Just bet on markets where your knowledge and statistics can help you. 

  1. Go for One Day Internationals 

With plenty of statistics and important form and head to head information, One Day Internationals may be a best shout to get your handicap wagers right.




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