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How To Keep Sharing Passwords on Netflix
A guide on bypassing Netflix's Password Sharing crackdown

Netflix recently announced plans to crack down on password sharing, signaling the end of an era. However, there are ways to navigate around the new rules and continue enjoying shared Netflix accounts. This article will provide insights on how to beat Netflix’s password sharing restrictions.

Credits – Netflix

Understanding Netflix’s Crackdown on Password Sharing:

Netflix’s updated policy states that an account should only be shared among individuals living in the same household. This policy aims to restrict access to those outside the household, compelling them to acquire their own subscription or pay for the privilege of using an existing account. Netflix charges an additional $7.99 per month for each extra member, which can be equivalent to the cost of subscribing to another streaming platform entirely.

Moreover, there are limitations on adding extra members to an account. This option is only available for subscribers of the Standard or Premium plans, with the Basic plan being excluded. Standard plan subscribers can add only one extra member, while Premium plan subscribers can add up to two. Netflix clearly intends to discourage excessive account sharing, even at a price.

Netflix’s Method of Determining a “Household”:

Netflix determines whether a device belongs to the same “household” by considering the TV used to access the platform’s content. Upon signing in or streaming through the Netflix app on a smart TV or streaming box, Netflix designates that particular TV as the anchor for the household. All devices connecting to the same Wi-Fi network as that TV are regarded as household members.

Netflix employs a combination of IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to determine if a device is streaming content within the designated household. It’s important to note that Netflix does not utilize GPS to track user locations.

Overcoming Netflix’s “Household” Restrictions and Sharing Passwords:

During initial testing of the password sharing policy change, Netflix employed a system for signing into an account outside of the household. To access an account on a smart TV located outside of the account holder’s residence, a verification prompt was initiated. The account holder received a four-digit code via email or SMS, which needed to be entered on the external device within 15 minutes for verification.

However, the recent changes to Netflix’s policy indicate that this method may no longer apply. Presently, one TV serves as the anchor for the household, making it impossible to sign into Netflix on a smart TV outside the household without relocating the entire household. Additionally, signing into Netflix on a device without first connecting to the home Wi-Fi network is also restricted, unless one adds themselves as an extra member.

Two Workarounds to Netflix’s Restrictions:

Despite the new policy, there are two viable workarounds to continue sharing passwords and accessing Netflix content without disruption.

  1. Log in on your home Wi-Fi: Utilize the fact that devices connecting to the household Wi-Fi network are considered part of the household by Netflix. Visit the residence of the account holder, sign in to your device(s), and return to your own location. This should enable uninterrupted access to Netflix. While Netflix may require reconnection at some point, the exact details are unclear due to the recent changes.

  2. Avoid TV and streaming boxes: Netflix’s policy only enforces household restrictions on smart TVs and streaming boxes such as Roku or Apple TV. If you limit your streaming to devices like phones, tablets, and laptops, Netflix will not impose the household requirement. You can even cast your phone to a TV or connect your laptop via HDMI cable for a big-screen experience without the need for an additional monthly fee.


Netflix’s attempt to curb password sharing introduces new restrictions on account usage. However, through certain workarounds, users can continue enjoying shared Netflix accounts. By logging in on the household Wi-Fi network or restricting streaming to non-TV devices, users can bypass the household restrictions and maintain their shared Netflix experience. While these methods may be subject to change as Netflix refines its policies, they offer temporary solutions for password sharing enthusiasts.