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How To Kill Regeneradors in Resident Evil 4 Remake
A guide on Killing Regeneradors in Resident Evil 4 Remake

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, players face a formidable enemy known as the Regenerador. These creatures are incredibly difficult to take down, as they constantly regenerate and pursue the player relentlessly. While shooting them or removing their limbs may provide temporary relief, it is not a permanent solution to defeating them.

Credits – Shirrako

How To Get the Biosensor Scope:

To kill a Regenerador permanently, players must obtain the Biosensor Scope. This tool can be found in the Incubation Lab, which can only be accessed with a Level 2 Key Card. This key card can be obtained by exploring the freezer. Once players have the key card, they can head to the Incubation Lab, which is located at the bottom of the stairs.

Inside the lab, players should run to the room at the back, where they will find a case next to the Key Card machine. Inside the case lies the Biosensor Scope, which is an updated version of the Infrared Scope from the original Resident Evil 4 game.

With the Biosensor Scope equipped on a rifle like the Stingray, players will be able to spot the parasites within the Regenerador. These parasites are highlighted with a glow, making it easy for players to target them. By destroying all of the parasites, players can kill the Regenerador for good.

It is important for players to remember this trick, as they will continue to encounter Regeneradors throughout the game. Rather than wasting time and resources trying to shoot or remove their limbs, players can quickly and easily kill them by using the Biosensor Scope.

While the Regenerador is a tough enemy to defeat, players can also use some other tactics to buy themselves some time. For instance, players can try to parry the Regenerador’s attacks and chop off its limbs. This may buy players some time to escape, but the Regenerador will soon regenerate its limbs and resume the pursuit.

Alternate method:

Another option is to shoot off the Regenerador’s legs. This will also buy players some time to escape, as the Regenerador will crawl on the ground rather than pursue them at full speed. However, players should be aware that the Regenerador will eventually grow its legs back and become a threat again.

In summary, defeating a Regenerador in Resident Evil 4 requires the use of the Biosensor Scope. Players must obtain the Level 2 Key Card from the Freezer in order to access the Incubation Lab, where the Biosensor Scope can be found. Equipping the Biosensor Scope on a rifle like the Stingray allows players to spot the parasites within the Regenerador, and destroying them will kill the creature for good.