How to learn Java Quickly and Get a Junior Java Developer Job

One of the most popular ways to enter the programming industry is learing Java since this programming language is higly in demand. There’s a massive shortage of Java developers globally, particularly in India. In 2021 alone, India launched 14,000 new startups, and currently, there are over 100 unicorns here. Also, India is the world’s outsourcing hotspot, offering lots of job opportunities. Salary prospects are great as well: Java developers are among the most well-paid professionals in the IT world. That’s why learning Java makes perfect sense. Let’s dive deeper into the topic! 

More Reasons To Learn Java

First, for a “freshman,” Java’s large worldwide community and excellent documentation are noteworthy. Your problem’s solution already exists elsewhere on the Internet, just waiting to be discovered. As a junior developer, you will find that Java’s extensive collections and frameworks can help you solve most problems.

Second, Java is a language with both an honorable history and a promising future. Within six months, two updated versions with brand-new capabilities were made available to the public. Due to this, Java has successfully maintained its top place in the reputable professional rankings.

Third, regarding employment and internship availability, Java is a fantastic option for novices considering advancing their careers. Fortune 500 firms utilize Java for their back end and application infrastructures, as much as 90%. 

Moreover, the average salary for a Java developer is $102,514 per year. Thus, it is a rewarding profession.

Last but not least, Java is used to create software for various platforms and gadgets, including personal computers, video game consoles, in-car navigation systems, Blu-ray players, medical monitoring equipment, lottery terminals, parking meters, and more. With so many avenues for specialization, the language’s adaptability makes it fascinating and fresh.

It is important to remember that Java is used in developing web and desktop software; this also opens up new possibilities for mobile app creation.

What To Start From?

Like any other field, learning Java from the ground up is the best way to get started. Studying the fundamentals of Java programming online is a fantastic way to get started. Just like the beginning of most things, it may seem daunting at first. So, it’s important to keep yourself motivated and disciplined. 

Java Theory and Practice

While theoretical study helps lay the groundwork for practical application, it is essential not to let theory stand in the way of experience. 

Reading books on Java will not help you learn the language if you never put what you have learned into practice. The principles will become more precise and more easily grasped when you use them in a practical setting. Stop trying to learn everything at once and start coding right now!

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, it is preferable to put your knowledge to practice by coding in Java at home. 

What Resources To Use?

Reading up on Java programming is excellent!

Undoubtedly, you may locate the vast majority of your references on the Internet. The resources on some of the best websites are always up to date and well vetted. There is a wealth of information available online that will be helpful whether you are a beginner, an expert, or just obsessed with Java. But if you want to study entirely by yourself, you’ll have to spend a lot of time searching through many websites. The better option is to choose the course from a respected company with a good reputation and vast expertise.

CodeGym, an online Java programming platform, is precisely such a company. With almost 10 years of experiense, its course has over two million students. CodeGym’s primary objective is to provide quality education of anybody interested in learning Java from the ground up to the level of a Junior Developer. CodeGym Java University helps to become a Java developer in just 12 months and even get a job offer. 

Java University makes learning Java not just possible but also enjoyable, helpful, and outcome-focused. Over a year, students of varying ages learn the theoretical and practical skills necessary to get a job as a Junior Java developer by CodeGym’s team of experienced mentors and practising programmers.

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How To Keep Yourself Motivated?

If you have decided to learn a language like Java, then studying seven days a week can help you maintain your forward momentum. Committing to coding every day, even if just for half an hour, can help consolidate the habit and make it seem like a natural part of your routine.

You can keep learning Java even when you do not feel like it by reminding yourself of your reasons for doing so. 

Is being a developer your career goal? Set objectives and use them as a guide to keep you moving forward.

If you do so, in a few months, you’ll learn:

  •       Java syntax
  •       Java core
  •       Java collections
  •       Popular libraries and frameworks
  •       Frequently used APIs (such as servlets, JSP, JDBC, and JUnit)
  •       Master git.

Maintain a steady equilibrium between theory and practice, and do your best to stick to your strategy. Learning to code is a daily practice. When you are done with your research on a particular topic, try your hand at some programming exercises (3 to 10, depending on their difficulty).

Build A Curriculum While You Learn

If you decide to study Java with CodeGym Java University, you’ll start coding after the very first lesson. You’ll solve tasks of various complexity and even develop projects worth adding to your portfolio. 

Java University is adaptable since it may be tailored to meet the requirements of individual pupils. CodeGym continually evaluates progress, gathers student comments, and makes all the required improvements to the course. Also, the company involves the students in extracurriculars, holds Q&A sessions and webinars for free, and provides them with a wide range of resources.

But the best thing about Java University is a 100% employment guarantee. CodeGym ensures every student gets a job offer after successfully finishing the course.


Staring to learn Java may be a life-changing decision for you. Entering a promising new field, getting a well-paid job, developing as a professional… These are the things that are hard to overestimate. And CodeGym Java University is an excellent way to get them. 

It’s never too late to change careers, and learning shouldn’t be dull, so don’t let age stop you from gaining valuable experience and skills. Learning in specialised courses ought to lead to the acquisition of a new profession and new employment. Studying at CodeGym Java University has many benefits as students gain experience using cutting-edge technology and learn how to create real projects that they can add to their portfolios. Students of all ages after spending a year at CodeGym Java University will get the theoretical and practical skills they need to become Junior Java developers.