locking apps on iPhone

How to lock an app on iPhone

Locking applications on your iPhone might help you in adding an additional level of security for private and delicate information and even help with restricting how regularly you utilize the most habit-forming ones. Despite the fact that Apple doesn’t formally give a component to lock individual applications, there is a Screen Time hack that permits you to safeguard your significant applications briefly.

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This is the way to lock applications on your iPhone, whether you really want to limit how habitually you explore through interpersonal interaction applications or need to conceal some applications from curious eyes.

Instructions to lock applications on an iPhone

You might establish a point in time limitation for how long you can utilize a particular application every day with Apple’s Screen Time highlight, and when that clock terminates, the best way to get to the application is by entering your secret key. The application is fundamentally locked for the afternoon, yet you’ll have to utilize the whole day-to-day allocation. Fortunately, you simply have to have the application open briefly all things considered.

  • Go to the Settings application on your iPhone.
  • Set a new password for Screen Time limitations by going to Screen Time and tapping “Use Screen Time Password.”
  • Once got done, pick “Application Cutoff points” and afterwards “Add Cutoff.”
  • Select “Next” in the wake of finding the classification or specific application you wish to lock.
  • Put forth the line in the time choice to the suitable measure of hours or minutes. Set the clock to one moment to lock the application.
  • Select “Add” subsequent to turning on the “Block at End of Cutoff” choice.


You presently have it. The program will incite you to stretch out your chance to utilize it at whatever point it surpasses its time limitation. To use them, however, you should enter the Screen Time password. This limitation might be divided between the entirety of your gadgets, including the iPad.