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How to mirror texts in Microsoft Word

What is Microsoft Word? - Computer Business ReviewWord is perhaps one of the software which we all had used when there were no flat screens or LCDs. It was the time when we used to play Super Mario, Dave, and other classics. Since then, MS Word has evolved a lot, and so have we.

But to say that Microsoft Word can only be used for blogging and writing would be such an understatement. There are so many features that MS Word has, which make it so much more than just a word processor. One such useful feature which we will discuss is the Mirror effect.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at how to Mirror texts in MS Word –

1. The first step is to begin the MS Word. 

2. Once you have done that, go to the “Insert” menu.

3. After opening the “insert” menu, go to “Word Art.”Mirror texts MS Word

4. After clicking on Word Art, you will get a text where you can write whatever you want.

5.  Here, I’m using the alphabet ‘C’ as an example.

6. Now, here, you can edit the word or alphabet by adding special effects like shadows and other things. Having done that, move to Shape effects followed by 3-D Rotations. In the menu, move down, and you will notice 3-D Rotation Options. Click on it.
Mirror texts MS Word7. Or you can go to the Format shape menu. The menu will open up on the right side. Move to the 3-D rotation option, which is the last option.
8. Now, to mirror your text, Change the “X-axis rotation” from 0° to 180°. You will notice that your alphabet is has rotated by 180°, creating a mirror image.

Here, you can see how we have created a mirror image for the alphabet “C.”
Mirror texts MS Word

So, that’s how you can create a mirror image for your texts in MS word. One can ask, what’s exactly the use of this. Well, apart from the aesthetic appeal it creates in the articles or novels, you will notice mirror image texts and designs in many T-shirts and other accessories.

So, go on and craft your own design for your merchandise, soft toys, wall prints, or anything you want to




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