How To Play Google Minesweeper

How To Play Google Minesweeper

This article focuses on how to play Google Minesweeper. If you are looking for an interesting, challenge-filled game, then the minesweeper game by google is the one you should not miss. The next time you are feeling bored or looking for a mental challenge, try out the minesweeper Google game.How To Play Google Minesweeper

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The more you play, the better you get at Minesweeper, and soon enough, you might find yourself addicted. While it is not as popular as it used to be, it is still an enjoyable game to play, and it is available on a lot of different platforms, including Google. Minesweeper is a classic game that started out as a part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows 3.0, and Minesweeper has been captivating millions of gamers for over 30 years.

The game, dating from 1960, turns out that there is actual a strategy for playing the game. Many might consider minesweeper a casual game, but in fact, it is a strategy game and one that can win you any time you learn the rules involved with building and a proven strategy for playing minesweeper. For many people, playing Minesweeper will not be their first choice, but let us make sure you do not quit playing this when you begin to play because apart from testing your mental powers and having a good time, you will realize this game is something that is addicting and the more you play, the more you want to quit. The first and the most Google-y way of playing the little game called minesweeper is simply by Googling the term Minesweeper.How To Play Google Minesweeper

Below these search results, you will find plenty of online options to fill up on Minesweeper, in all shapes and sizes. You will be met with a search result that gives you a popped-up, Web-based version of the little game called Minesweeper, that you can set as easy, medium, or hard depending on how badly you want to be tortured. Once you get your results, you will find the Google doodle, and a blue button that says the word Play, to launch Minesweeper, you simply need to click it. When searching for Minesweeper, you will need to press the first option, it is not a page link, it is straight into a module for the game, minesweeper, press on the Play button located at the bottom middle of the module.

In Minesweeper, your objective is to expose all of the squares on a grid without accidentally clicking a mine. You use number clues to solve Minesweeper, opening up all the safe squares. The objective of the game is to try and empty all of the boxes which are not hiding any mine, you will find a lot of boxes on your screen, some have numbers, which means how many mines you can find in the next box you opened.

Minesweeper is a game in which you need to find all the mines hidden on the grid. Minesweeper is a logic game in which mines are hidden in a grid with no marked squares. The goal of mine is to sweep the rectangular board of hidden mines or hidden bombs mines or hidden bombs without setting any of them off, using clues as to the number of nearby mines on each board. If you notice a row or column with all numbers lower, there are probably no mines in this area, and you can click safely around without the worry of hitting any. How To Play Google Minesweeper


Now how to play it, if the box that you select contains a mine, Minesweeper will automatically label it and show you other squares according to the above two rules. If the box you chose is next to the mine, the board displays a number showing how many mines are in the surrounding squares (including the diagonal). The number represents how many mines are adjacent to the square in question.

Safe squares have numbers that tell you how many mines are touching that square. It is your job to find out using numbers which empty squares hold mine, and which are safe for clicking. On greater difficulties, you will have to flag the squares that you suspect contain mine until you are able to confirm they do. The higher the difficulty, the more clicking suspect squares requires to clear them.

Once you have clicked one of the suspect squares, some of the squares disappear, some will stay empty, and some will have numbers. If a player clicks on the safety square, a square will open to be blank (which is my own) or will have a number between 1 and 8. When opening up a square that has not touched any mines, it will be blank, and the next adjacent squares will open up automatically in all directions until they get to squares containing numbers.

If you mark all of your mines as touching a number, then crisscrossing over to that number opens up the remaining squares. If you put the right amount of flags on an incorrect square, the chording will blow up the mines. If no mines are revealed, instead, in a square that contains one mine, one digit is displayed, showing how many neighboring squares have mines; if no mines are neighboring, then the square becomes empty, and all neighboring squares are revealed in a recursive fashion.

The game ends if you accidentally tap a square under which a mine is located. There is never a mine under the first square that you click; clicking a square clears a few boards, others, a bunch of them. To win a round of Minesweeper, you must click every square in a board without a mine underneath.