How to play minesweeper

Minesweeper is a solitary player puzzle computer game. The target of the game is to clear a rectangular board containing stowed away “mines” or bombs without exploding any of them, with assistance from hints about the number of adjoining mines in each field. The game begins in the 1960s, and it has been composed for some figuring stages being used today. It has numerous varieties and branches.

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How to play minesweeper?


Open Minesweeper. Click Launch when provoked after Minesweeper completes the process of introducing, or open Start, type in minesweeper, and snap the green Microsoft Minesweeper application.



Select a trouble level. In the upper-left half of the window, dispatch your first game by clicking one of the accompanying trouble settings:
• Simple 9×9 – A nine-by-nine lattice with 10 mines.
• Medium 16×16 – A sixteen-by-sixteen lattice with 40 mines.
• Master 30×16 – A thirty-by-sixteen lattice with 99 mines.
• Custom – Set your game boundaries, including the lattice size, number of mines, etc.



Explore the instructional exercise if you like. Assuming this is your first game in Microsoft Minesweeper, you’ll be incited to begin an instructional exercise that will assist you with rehearsing the Minesweeper fundamentals.

• On the off chance that you would rather not play through the instructional exercise, click Skip at the highest point of the window all things considered.



Click any square on the lattice. Doing as such will begin the Minesweeper game.



Survey the numbers. Any number on the board alludes to the number of mines as of now contacting that number’s square.



Right-click any squares that you think contain mines. This will put a banner on the square. It’s ideal, to begin with, squares that need to contain mines (e.g., a single square close to a “1” on the board) to assist with the course of end later.

• Ensure that you don’t hail a greater number of squares than the number of mines on the board.



Twofold right-click any squares that are dubious. Doing as such will put a question mark over the square, showing that you need to let the square be until you’ve precluded different squares.

• This is a protected procedure for sheets on which you’ve tracked down everything except a few of the mines.



Click any squares that don’t contain mines. This will clear the squares being referred to.



Clear the board. To win a series of Minesweepers, you should tap on the board each square that doesn’t have a mine under it. Whenever you’ve done such, the game will be finished.

• In case you coincidentally click a square that has a mine underneath it, the game will be finished. You’ll have the choice of beginning another game or re-trying the one you recently played.