How to play snake games on Google Maps

The snake game which used to be accessible on include telephones has now shown up on Google Guides. Clients can play it on Android, iOS, and work area adaptations. The game can be played from various areas across the globe. The application gives an open door to the ones who were missing to play this game on their component telephones.
It likewise gets finding the renowned urban communities existing across the world. The spots incorporate Cairo, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo. These games will just work with a functioning web association.

How to Play 'Snake' in Google Maps for April Fools' Day
Source: Business Insider

Moves toward PLAY SNAKE GAME ON GOOGLE Guides:
Stage 1: Visit the connection on your gadget.
Stage 2: Snap on the menu accessible in the upper right corner.
Yet again stage 3: On the off chance that the ‘play snake’ choice isn’t accessible, restart your application.
Stage 4: Next you will find another choice that is situated in the menu accessible.
Stage 5: Snap on the ‘play’ button and the game will start.
Stage 6: Presently pick the city you need to investigate through the snake game and the objective.
Stage 7: When you arrive at your objective. The game is finished and you can pick another city or leave
the game.