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How to play with your buddy Pokémon go

how to play with buddy pokemon go swap buddies

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Pokémon Go has gotten a lot of new happiness throughout the long term, however, the Buddy Adventure update stays quite possibly of the best. This cool component gives players more opportunities with regards to interfacing with their virtual Pokémon, and it likewise incorporates a couple of incredible ongoing interaction advantages. This is the way to play with your Buddy in Pokémon Go.

What is Buddy Adventure?

The Buddy Adventure update was delivered by Niantic in late 2019. It enabled Trainers to assign a Pokémon as their Buddy and gradually fabricate a bond with them. Mentors could take care of the treats in expanded reality (AR), play with them, and even stroll all over the planet map together. As the kinship develops, Trainers likewise get sufficiently close to a large group of advantages, for example, CP helps and new things.

Step-by-step instructions to choose your Buddy

Playing with your Buddy in Pokémon Go is something simple to do. This is the closely guarded secret:

Stage 1: First, you’ll need to choose which Pokémon you need to be your Buddy. Try not to stress over this to an extreme — you can switch your Buddy around multiple times every day. In the event that it’s your most memorable time utilizing the Buddy framework, tap on your Trainer’s image at the lower part of the screen.

Stage 2: Then, explore the Buddy menu.

Stage 3: Once this menu has stacked, the game will walk you through the fundamentals of the Buddy Adventure mechanics.

Stage 4: If you’re hoping to change your Buddy, it’s much more straightforward. To begin with, tap on your Buddy’s picture on the lower part of the screen.

Stage 5: Next, look at the menu and press Swap Buddies. You’ll be approached to affirm your choice, then your new Buddy will show up on the screen.

Which Pokémon ought to be my Buddy?

Normally, you’ll believe that your Buddy should be a Pokémon that you’re attempting to procure Candy for. Amigo Pokémon procure candy as you investigate the world and can acquire it much quicker in the event that they are in an “Energized” mindset — just sit back and relax, we’ll cover this underneath.

Pokémon likewise get a CP Boost when they become a “Dearest friend.” This implies it’s essential to transform your most grounded Pokémon into your BFF, making them a genuine amazing powerhouse. On the off chance that you’re not hoping to procure additional Candy, it’s energetically suggested you Buddy up with your best Pokémon.

The most effective method to cooperate and play with your Buddy

Now that you’ve chosen a Buddy, you’re ready to communicate with them in different ways. The principal thing you’ll believe should do is feed them — when they’re full, they can go along with you on the Map. To take care of your Buddy, follow these simple tasks:

Stage 1: Click your Buddy’s representation at the lower part of the screen.

Stage 2: Click the Berry symbol at the highest point of the screen

Stage 3: Select an open area in your environmental factors to make an AR rendition of your Buddy show up. In the event that you’re a piece squeezed for space, you can tap the Quick Treat button to renounce your telephone’s AR capacities.

Stage 4: Finally, select a treat for your Buddy and toss it toward its mouth the same way you’d toss a Poké Ball at a wild Pokémon. You can screen its craving level at the highest point of the screen, and when it’s full, it will go along with you on the Map.

Stage 5: Trainers can likewise play with their Buddy by choosing the Play button in the wake of tapping on the Pokémon’s representation. Whenever you’ve discovered space in your environmental factors to deliver your AR Buddy, essentially rub the screen to play with them. You’ll realize it worked appropriately in the event that you get a response from the Pokémon — the Play Together choice ought to likewise show a red heart back on the Buddy menu.



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