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How To Get More YouTube Views

Photo by CardMapr.nl on Unsplash

Photo by CardMapr.nl on Unsplash

When a video is posted on the site it is important that it gathers views and reaches the top. It gives popularity and publicity: to publicize a necessary topic, to spread an opinion, to raise a problem of a special kind for everyone to discuss.

YouTube views for a novice videoblogger are usually no more than 10 thousand, and often even less. In order for this figure to grow, it is necessary to attract a new audience with a quality product and interesting ideas, which sometimes are not enough.

Who and why need YouTube views

  • Newcomers. New and interesting content needs its own viewer so that the author has an incentive to keep making videos.
  • Active amateurs. After becoming acquainted with video hosting, a person begins to record videos of different or the same format and waits for a response from the audience. But it won’t happen until the videoblogger takes care of the promotion and PR himself/herself.
  • Bloggers who have problems with audience engagement. Situations with the loss of viewers’ interest to the content happen all the time. To regain the audience’s former interest, you need to buy real YouTube views to help the blogger in the initial stages of resuming productive work with videos.

Without views it is unlikely to succeed, and you can’t count on high income. Thanks to the views you can easily create the impression that your blog is popular and in demand among others. This is a kind of proof that it is “alive” and interesting.

Users quite often pay attention to statistics. This is a sign to most that it is necessary to join the masses. The way a person is made, he reacts to the “crowd of people” and is afraid of missing out on something that is available to others.

Is it legal to buy YouTube views?

There is nothing wrong with buying views. It is one of the parts of a successful strategy for building a business on the Web.

Buying views is completely safe. You should not think that this circumstance will negatively affect your reputation or future achievements. Why not periodically use this tool if it gives a lot of new opportunities. We are talking about a situation where videos are watched by real people. The administration of the site is not able to prevent it, and why should she do it. The main thing is to cooperate with reliable resources.

By using this service, the channel owner takes a chance to build up an audience. In the future, there is a high probability that people who have watched the video once will subscribe to the channel and become interested in the content. In this case, the desired result will be achieved in an optimally short period. The choice in favor of the solution is obvious.

Where to buy real YouTube views safely?

We share 3 proven websites where you can buy promotion for YouTube and be sure of a good result.


The #1 site to promote your channel. Here you can order not only views but also likes, comments, subscribers, YouTube live stream viewers, Adwords views, complex promotion YouTube turnkey. All services are of high quality, you can be sure that you are buying views, comments only from real people.

Each client gets a personal manager with whom you can consult with at any time and ask to choose the appropriate version of the service.

The prices start from $1.75 per 1000.


The site specializes in promoting YouTube, but there are also services for other social networks. Pay attention to the number and variety of services. Here everyone will find something suitable for themselves depending on the price and conditions.

The prices start from $1.70 per 1000.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, visit the Play market and download the Socbooster app. There you can earn money by performing tasks. After registration, link your YouTube channel and start watching, commenting and giving likes to other users. For each completed task, you get virtual coins, which you can then withdraw or spend on free promotion for yourself.


Also it is a very good and reliable site to buy YouTube views. There are often good discounts on buying promotion for YouTube, so we advise you to register, sign up for the newsletter and keep an eye out for private promo codes and offers.

The prices start from $1.75 per 1000.

Promotion on YouTube takes time and effort. But if you study the question of buying a promotion for YouTube you will see that it is an effective tool worth trying.



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