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how to post anonymously on Facebook

Assuming you might want to post something in a Facebook bunch without uncovering your name, use Facebook’s mysterious posting highlight. how to post anonymously on Facebook? It’s not difficult to do, expecting that a gathering director has empowered the component. We’ll tell you the best way to utilize it.

PSA: You Can Now Post Anonymously in Facebook Groups

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What to Know About Anonymous Facebook Posts

To make an unknown post in a Facebook bunch, the gathering more likely than not empowered the component for that. Likewise, realize that the gathering administrators, arbitrators, and the Facebook group can in any case see your name in your mysterious posts. Likewise, unknown posts will not show up right away. You’ll need to hang tight for endorsement from an administrator or mediator.

Assuming that you’re the administrator of a gathering and you need to empower unknown posting in your gathering, look at the directions toward the finish of this aide.

Post Anonymously in a Facebook Group

To make a mysterious post in a Facebook bunch, you can utilize any Facebook-upheld gadget, like a Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, or Android gadget.

The means to create a mysterious post are essentially something similar on all gadgets. We’ll utilize Facebook’s web rendition to show the methodology in this aide.

To begin, send off an internet browser on your PC and head over to the Facebook webpage.

At the point when the site loads, from the sidebar on the left, select “Gatherings.”


On the “Gatherings” screen, from the sidebar on the left, select your gathering. Then, at that point, in the sheet on the right, click the “Unknown Post” choice.


Facebook will open an “Unknown Post” window. Click “Make Anonymous Post” at the lower part of this window.


You’ll currently see a “Make Post” window. Here, click the enormous message field and create your message like you ordinarily would. At the point when you’re done, at the lower part of the window, click “Submit.”

Facebook will present your post to the gathering administrators and mediators. Your post might be distributed when either an administrator or a mediator supports it.

Also, that is how you post something in a gathering without uncovering your personality!

Step by step instructions to Enable Anonymous Posting in a Facebook Group

To turn on unknown posting in a Facebook bunch, you should be an administrator in that gathering.

When you affirm that you’re an administrator, open the Facebook site. On the site, from the sidebar on the left, select “Gatherings,” and afterward pick your gathering.

On your gathering screen, from the “Administrator Tools” area on the left, select “Settings.”


Look down the “Settings” page to “Elements.” Here, close to “Mysterious Posting,” click the pencil symbol.


On the “Mysterious Post” window that opens, from the “Unknown Posting” area at the base, pick “On.” Then, click “Save” at the lower part of the window.

Furthermore, you’ve effectively empowered mysterious posts in your Facebook bunch!

You can switch mysterious posts off in your gathering whenever, as well. To do as such, open something very similar “Unknown Post” window. From the “Mysterious Posting” area, select “Off.” Then, click “Save” at the lower part of the window.


Furthermore, there’s nothing more to it.

It’s extraordinary to see Facebook have a choice like this, where you can post specific substances without uncovering your name. This should turn out incredible for posts that you don’t need your name distributed with, for different reasons.



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