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How to prepare for an online internship interview?

Online internship interviews are one of the most adopted ways of recruitment that is used majorly when the interviewee and interviewer are at different locations. The introduction of remote working during the pandemic has enabled recruiters to hire interns and employees for their company via online interviews.


In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can make the necessary preparations that will help ease out your online interview session. You can find many companies hiring for work from home internships through platforms like Internshala & Hiredd. If you’re aiming to win at this, ensure that you have prepared for your online interview by:


1. Dress up & Practice

An online interview does not mean you sit for the online meeting in your tee and lowers. Consider it as a regular interview and dress up accordingly. You can go for a formal or semi-formal outfit, depending on the work culture of the company. Remember that the color palate of your attire must be neutral and should define your style.


Prepare for the interview with your friends or family by practicing the most commonly asked questions such as why should you be hired for this internship, what makes you the best candidate for the role, and what are your strengths and weaknesses. 


2. Ensure you have a stable internet connection

One of the biggest technical issues that can spoil your online interview is the presence of a bad internet connection. Ensure that you have a good and stable internet connection by running and testing the internet speed and stability before the beginning of the interview. You can verify your connection quality and ensure there are no background disturbances by either video calling your friends or scheduling a practice call/interview session with your coordinator.


3. Placing your laptop or device in a well-lit place

Another thing that you must prepare for before starting your online interview is by putting your device on a stable surface, ensuring that your top to the chest is visible clearly. Your device must be placed in a well-lit area that showcases your face clearly, without any shadow covering any part of your face. The area should also not be over-lit, making it impossible to see your facial features beyond your eyes, lips, and hair.


4. Research the company

Carry your research about the company you’re interviewing for as the recruiter often brings up a question to test if you have done your homework for the interview. It is not necessary that you mug up all the features and functions performed by the company, but having a basic understanding of what the company is about, what do they do, some knowledge about the core team, and so on, can be quite helpful. If you’re interviewing for a startup, going through the startup stories about the company can also be beneficial in giving you an added advantage over other candidates.



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