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How to Receive International funds in My Saving account

New digital payments businesses are popping with online solutions that transfer money to domestic bank accounts across the globe, while traditional payment processing businesses still struggle with their offline services. However, with several options and additional capabilities, it’s critical to do an analysis and select the best international money transfer solution for you.

Some solutions are exclusively offered to people of specific nations, while others will deliver your funds to you quicker but for a fee. And, some solutions will provide you with the timeliness, pricing, and simplicity you require in international money transactions.

Here, we have selected a few solutions that we believe are the ideal fit for your global money transfer requirements.

1. Amazon Pay


Amazon Pay is a quick, simple, and secure method to pay digitally. Automatic Payments, Inline Checkout, and Fraud Prevention are just a few of the features that Amazon Pay offers. It allows customers to purchase goods and services on third-party sites, via applications, and through Alexa using the payment options currently linked with the Amazon account.

2. PayPal

PayPal, a pioneer in the creation of internet worldwide e-wallets, allows users to send funds instantaneously if their friends or relatives have an account as well. You may use PayPal’s wallet to demand funds, accept them, and make transactions online. To transfer the money, you must have a PayPal account, and funds cannot be transmitted straight to a bank.  There are some transfer fees, such as the currency conversion charge for transferring money, a financing fee, and a processing fee. When trying to transmit money fast, PayPal’s wallet system might appear to be a time-consuming and costly procedure.

3. PingPong India

PingPong is a rapidly expanding and revolutionary payment service provider. It makes it possible for Indians to accept cross-border transactions. Freelancers, eCommerce sellers, dropshippers, exporters, and service providers are few among those who can utilize PingPong’s Cross-border payment solution. PingPong is a 6-year-old brand that has acquired a considerable industry presence. A group of professional financial experts in New York established the organization with the goal of achieving maximum simplicity and safety in overseas financial transactions.

If you want to know more about PingPong Cross-border payment processing services, also read this article – https://in.pingpongx.com/in/blog/how-does-cross-border-payment-work-with-pingpong/

4. Remit2India

For more than a decade, Remit2India has specialized in international payment solutions for NRIs. You may transfer cash straight to Indian bank accounts with no additional costs and at a fixed currency exchange rate.  Remit2India is an appealing choice for sending significant sums of funds to India. Without incurring a transfer charge, you may send up to $50,000 through ACH and up to $200,000 via wire transfer, both of which would take two to three days. They also provide Instant Transfer for a cost of up to 200,000 Rupees.

5. Banks

If you are merely moving funds from one account to another inside the same bank, you may do it without any additional charge at your banking institution. It may be handled privately at a bank by taking funds from one account and depositing them into another. Foreign cash transactions are also feasible via your financial institution, though you will usually need plenty of details, such as the account owner’s personal details, details about the bank to which the funds are being sent, and more

6. Western Union or MoneyGram

Both Western Union and MoneyGram offer comparable solutions for transferring funds to another country.  They charge a fixed cost for the transaction, which is determined by the time duration of the payment to hit the local bank account, the region to whom you are transferring funds, and the sum of money being transferred. If you make an international money transfer, you will additionally be charged a currency conversion rate. These payment processing providers typically do not provide a reasonable exchange rate, resulting in a hidden fee if you send money overseas. But, they are both trustworthy and handy.

The Bottom Line

International payment processors are more than just a means of receiving, storing, and transferring money.  When selecting a payment processor, be certain that it is a trustworthy brand. Also, while making international payments, researching your payment alternatives will assist you in choosing the provider for transferring money. You can choose any of the above-listed solutions to do this. The most feasible way of cross-border payments in one case may not be similar in the other. Do your analysis to ensure that you are not losing your money for unwanted charges and expenses for transferring money internationally.



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