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How to use AirPods with an Android phone or tablet, and even restore some missing

It is important to note here that when you are using air pods with an Android device, it’s very basic to lose many of the controls they had  when you used it on an iPhone or Apple device.

A double tap feature can only play and pause music and cannot be customized like it can on an iPhone. Also remember that the auto

pause when you remove one air pod from the ear does not work with Android devices. They only offer basic Bluetooth headphone functionality but they’re still super convenient and simple to use.

How to connect and use your air Pods with an android device. In this Article, I’ll be guiding you through a couple of third-party apps that will help you control your ear pods.



Step – 1 To start with, set up or pair your air pods with your Android phone or tablet


Step -2 Go to settings, then proceed to connections


Step -3 Make sure the Bluetooth connection option is turned on and touch the Bluetooth option to bring up the Bluetooth menu

The menu will display all of the available Bluetooth devices nearby now.


Step – 4 With your air pods open the lid and press the pairing button on the back of your air pods until the light flash is white. Then

on the Android device, the air pods should show up and be available to select.



Step -5 Now, tap the air option on the menu and they should now be paired.


Step -6 Once, the air pods have been set up now when you open the lid and take them out and use. They should automatically connect to your Android device as they always connect to the last connected device by default. If, however, they don’t auto connect you can

always go to the Bluetooth menu in settings and tap them to connect.


There are some third-party apps that try to bring some of the conveniences that the air pods offer on Apple devices to Android. Such as the air battery app that tells you the battery level of the air pods. This app is very useful when you use your air pods on an Android device. The only and not so accurate way to check the battery level is by using the light on the air pods case which is at least something but not as good as actually knowing the percentage. The other third-party app that tries to bring some of the iOS controls. This third-party app enables air pods to offer Android pause/play. This app is supposed to enable the auto play pause that occurs when you remove one air pod. The app also offers the ability to override the air pause default. Double tap so you can use it for okay Google or to

listen to the next track previous track or you can move forward or backward thirty Seconds. Pause play is not a free app.




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