how to record call in iphone


this is gonna work on any version of iOS from iOS 11 on up


now before we begin quick disclaimer make sure you check your state and local laws before you attempt to record a phone call on your iPhone in most cases in most regions around the

world it is required for you to notify the other person that you are recording the phone call so make sure you be responsible and that the other person know if your local law is required to do so now the first thing you want to do is head on over to the phone of course and

then what you want to do is you want to call yourself by calling yourself it would send you to

your voicemail now on your voicemail after you listen to all your voicemail if you have any it’ll give you the options to send a message to your voicemail and then what you want to do

is enter your own phone number as a destination and then it will start recording the actual conversation or message from your phone and then we can merge a second party in order to record the phone call.

The steps are actually a lot easier to understand than actually explaining it


Step -1 so to begin with call your own phone number


Step -2 send the number that you want to send a message


Step -3 Enter your number to send a message


Step – 4 it will now be recording. It will record a message that’s going to be sent to your phone number to your mailbox


Step – 5 go into your contacts or add a call


Step – 6 this is going to start recording the conversation again


Remember you need to notify the other party click merge so now both conversations are being recorded and this message is being sent to your mailbox


Step – 7 once you are done you need to go back and send it press 1 and that’s it you can also listen to it then there nothing and and here you go you’ll see here that in voicemail you will get a new voicemail.

There it is and now the conversation is recorded you can go and look at that or listen to that as you can listen it almost any ios device  very conveniently.