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Hillary Clinton wants Biden to regulate cryptocurrencies

Hillary Clinton recently asked the Biden government to regulate cryptocurrencies. She is the former presidential candidate and thinks that Russia and China could manipulate crypto. Hillary also added that those countries have the power and even the will to bend all kinds of technologies to destabilize countries and also the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. So, it will be interesting to see how Biden reacts to this and what kind of crypto regulation we see in the future.

Hillary on crypto regulation

Clinton has been stuck on the idea of regulating cryptocurrencies for a while. And even though her ideas about why that is necessary could be a little out of place, the ultimate answer is not wrong. Even as a crypto enthusiast, I think regulation is important, and so do most other people. The crypto market is filled with so many things that, for a normal user, it is indistinguishable. To some extent, Hillary’s point of view also makes sense as she thinks Russia and China can manipulate crypto. These two countries don’t have the best reputation, so who knows.

Hillary Clinton wants Biden to regulate cryptocurrencies

People are paying too much attention to crypto, and that calls for the need for regulation. Do note that another vital thing that Hillary pointed out is the use of social media to manipulate the crypto markets. She said that a lot of people are using this to their advantage, which is not great. Hillary also added that there are a lot of big questions that the Biden administration needs to answer.

Regulation is coming

We all know that the Biden administration is soon bringing crypto regulation. A lot of development is taking place in this industry, and we are much better equipped with laws to handle the same than before. Mayors are becoming crypto proponents, and the US is seeing a revolution in the adoption of digital currencies. This is why it is a matter of time before we see more laws from the government. Even the decision of the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit will play an essential role in this.

What are your thoughts as Hillary Clinton asks the Biden administration to regulate cryptocurrencies? And do you think that we will see some laws soon? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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