How to refresh discord

Hey, welcome back, guys. Therefore, I’m going to go over the two quickest and easiest ways to restart and refresh your Discord application on a Windows PC in this article. The first one is also the simplest. You can find the hidden icon on your Windows machine in the lower right corner. When you see the Discord icon in the drop-down menu, right-click on it and select Quit Discord. Therefore, Discord has been totally shut down, and if you search it once more, you’ll see that it will now restart. Thus, it will undoubtedly solve your issue if you experience any loading issues with software or anything else. okay, so this was the first method.

How to restart and refresh Discord? [2021 Edition]
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The alternative method is to entirely end the conflict with the task manager. simply click the taskbar with the right mouse button and select task manager. You can now find Discord in the app area; simply click on it and then select an ending. Discord will now be closed, but if you experience any issues—for example, if it won’t launch or gets stuck—you should probably shut the programme entirely. Therefore, there’s a chance that certain Discord files are operating in the background and that’s why Discord isn’t functioning properly. You must therefore search for the discord file in this background process.


You might also notice some discord files here, so if you do, just click on them to end. If you want to update your discord application, you must complete the task for all the discord files that you can see below before you can launch it once more.


There is another, simpler method, and as a result, after restarting, it would report that all remotes had successfully been updated. Therefore, restarting the application has this advantage. Now, if you only want to load a few messages or refresh the profile banner or profile picture without completely closing the Discord application, you can do so by pressing the shortcut key to restart Discord, which is Control + R. If you’re using a Mac, you can also use Command + R to refresh the screen.