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How to Rotate Text in Microsoft PowerPoint

Know How to Rotate Text in Microsoft PowerPoint in quick and easy steps- 

From school/college life to work-life many things change. But what remains the same is the utility of Powerpoint presentations. Whether you have to make a group project for a class assignment or give a presentation about your ideas to your boss- Powerpoints and its tools always get you extra marks.

Since the use of Powerpoint lands so often and is super dynamic, learning a trick or two about Mircosoft Powerpoint and its tools. Before starting, we’d like to brush you up with a fact that you can Rotate Text in Microsoft PowerPoint. As per your needs and preference you can rotate your text by entering a particular degree or even with a free hand.

rotate text in microsoft powepoint

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Know How to Rotate Text in Microsoft PowerPoint

  1. Your first step of all will be to of course open Microsoft Powerpoint and start working on your presentation. Then all you have to do is navigate to the Insert bar and then look for the option of ‘Text Box’ under the header of “Text”. When you will click on the Text Box option you will insert a text box in your PowePoint Presentation.
  2. Type your text in the text box and then drag the curved arrow above the text box to rotate text in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  3. With this method, you work with the rotation of text in your PowerPoint presentation with a free hand which is actually a pretty great way if you know how to put the text at an exact angle. If there is a case in which you want the text to rotate at a specific angle but you can’t do it this way, you can also specify the number.
  4. If you wish to rotate your text to a specific angle you will have to follow another step. The first thing to do is to select the text box whose text you wish to rotate. Once you highlight the text box, head to the Format tab, and then select the option of ‘Rotate’. You will find the option of Rotate under the ‘Arrange’ group.
  5. After you click on the option of Rotate, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen. The drop-down menu will come bearing options with which you will be able to Rotate Text in Microsoft PowerPoint. The first two options you see in the drop-down menu will assist you with rotating the text box right or left by 90 degrees from its current position Other options will flip the text box vertically or horizontally.
  6. Enter the degrees at which you will like to Rotate your text and just like that you will be done!



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