Credits - Bethesda

How to Save in Hi-Fi Rush
Know when the game is saving and a secret tip to initiate Autosave

Hi-Fi Rush is a fast-paced action game that has an automatic save system designed to make the gameplay experience as smooth as possible. The game utilizes autosaves, which are indicated by an MP3 player-like symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. This symbol lets players know when their progress has been saved, so they don’t have to worry about losing any of their progress if they quit playing during a level.

Credits – Bethesda

The checkpoints throughout each level are one of the most significant advantages of Hi-Fi Rush’s autosave system.This means that if players quit playing during a level, they can continue from the most recent autosave rather than starting over from the beginning. This is especially helpful during boss fights, which often have different phases. If players have progressed to the next step of a boss fight and die, they won’t have to restart the entire fight from the beginning. This makes Hi-Fi Rush much more forgiving than other games and eliminates the need for manual saves.

In addition to the checkpoints, Hi-Fi Rush will also quietly save after players pick up various collectibles. This ensures that players won’t lose any of their hard-earned items if they quit playing during a level. The automatic save system in Hi-Fi Rush regularly activates at specific points during the game’s mission, making it easier for players to keep track of their progress.

Despite the automatic save system, there is no way to save the game manually in Hi-Fi Rush. However, players can trigger the save system themselves by pausing the game and changing a feature in the settings menu. After changing the feature, players can change it back right away, but this will activate the MP3 symbol in the corner and let them know that their progress has been saved. This gives players peace of mind and ensures that all collectibles have been stored.

Another way to activate the save system in Hi-Fi Rush is by accessing the hideout. After defeating the first boss in the game, players will gain access to the Hideout, which is another area where the game will create a checkpoint. Performing actions like purchasing upgrades and special abilities in Hi-Fi Rush will also create another save point in the game.

In conclusion, Hi-Fi Rush is a game that has been designed with player convenience in mind. The automatic save system, along with the checkpoints and collectible saves, make it a much more forgiving game than others, eliminating the need for manual saves. The MP3 player-like symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen makes it easy for players to know when their progress has been saved, and the ability to trigger the save system manually by changing a feature in the settings menu or accessing the Hideout gives players peace of mind. Thanks to the forgiving nature of Hi-Fi Rush and its automatic save system, players can focus on the action and enjoy the game without worrying about losing their progress.