How to scan a qr code on android (may 22 update)

QR codes have practically endless purposes. Be it sharing a URL, a Wi-Fi secret key, going about as a web authenticator, or aiding your compensation for labour and products, these little highly contrasting mix squares have advanced into a universal piece of our lives.

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However, when you’re not utilizing an application or telephone include that explicitly realizes you need to examine a QR code, you might end up a piece confused, and that is driven by many individuals to simply hurry to the Play Store and download one of 1,000,000 promotion filled scanner applications. The truth of the matter is, there are far superior ways of checking QR codes on Android that don’t include introducing a questionable application, utilizing all that from Google Lens to your cell phone’s camera application, to a lightweight site that finishes the work without trackers and advertisements. Some Android programs even accompany working in scanners.



Use Google Lens

Pretty much every Android telephone accompanies the Google application, and you want nothing more than to check a QR code. The application has an inherent checking device called Lens. It assists you with distinguishing objects, tourist spots, text, and numbers you find in reality, but at the same time, it’s fit for handling QR and standardized identifications.

There are different ways of beginning Google Lens. You can do it by summoning Google Assistant and tapping the Lens symbol left to the mic button, or by downloading the authority easy route application that adds a natural application symbol for the support of your home screen, accessible on the Play Store.


Whenever you’ve begun Lens, simply point the camera at a QR code. When it interprets it and notices it’s a web connection, you’ll see a see of the location, which you can tap to visit it. On the off chance that different qualities, similar to numbers or passwords, are saved to the code, you want to tap the inquiry button at the lower part of the viewfinder to see what they are. The focal point is additionally available in Google Photos, so assuming that you’ve at any point snapped an image with a QR code in it, you can undoubtedly recognize it afterwards. Simply open the picture in full view and tap the Lens button at the base.

You need to consent to Lens’ terms when you use it interestingly. Likewise, with any cloud administration, you be good with sending the pictures you take to Google’s servers; if not, Lens won’t work. If you would rather not do that, attempt one of the different arrangements.

Attempt your camera application

A few telephones accompany incorporated QR code scanners. For instance, you can empower examining in Samsung’s camera settings or use Bixby Vision. There’s additionally an alternate route to the underlying QR code scanner on Samsung telephones’ Quick Setting tiles, open by swiping down in the warning shade.

Google’s Pixel telephones have Lens incorporated into the camera application, and you can conjure it by tapping and holding anyplace in the viewfinder — here and there the URL even springs up as a toast before you start Lens, as found in the picture at the highest point of this post. A couple of Android One telephones have a similar reconciliation.

Utilize this web application

There are lots of applications on the Play Store that permit you to filter QR codes, yet a considerable lot of them accompany additional elements, ads, or obscure following practices that nobody needs. That is the reason we suggest an open-source web application all things considered, available on Award it the authorization to utilize your camera, and you’re good to go for examining. When the application perceives a code, a spring up will show you what it is. You can likewise have it look for codes in pictures you’ve recently taken by tapping the drifting camera button in the base right corner.


It’s feasible to add the web application to your home screen using a tap on the three-spot menu in the upper right corner of Google Chrome and “Add to Home screen” (there could even be a toast at the lower part of the site that allows you to do that). Whenever that is done, it for the most part acts like a normal application, complete with disconnected help.

Utilize an outsider program

While Google Chrome upholds QR code checking on iOS, it doesn’t do such on Android, yet fortunately, some outsider programs make up for the shortcoming. The forthcoming rendition of Firefox, Firefox Beta, has an examining alternate route over the console when you tap the location bar.


Then, at that point, there’s Samsung Internet, which is pre-introduced on Samsung telephones, yet in addition accessible for different gadgets. However, utilizing its scanner is somewhat less direct: You want to make a beeline for Settings – > Useful elements and enact the QR code peruser there. Really at that time, you’ll observe a button for it on one side of the location bar.