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How to see who views your instagram profile

with over a billion monthly active usersInstagram is now one of the most popular social media sites, with over a billion monthly active users coming in everyday to see images/videos uploaded by friends, family, and celebrities. While there is a significant number of Instagram users that post on a regular basis, there are also many who just hang about without posting anything or use the network to stalk other individuals.

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To be more specific, there is no easy method for you to see who is seeing your Instagram feed. Instagram does not have an in-built function that allows users to see who has visited their profile, and there is a very excellent reason for this: user privacy. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has all the data you’d need to see who visited your profile, but it won’t share it with you since doing so may result in a significant decrease in user engagement on the network.

Because a substantial proportion of Instagram users spend their time looking at other people’s profiles rather than posting anything on their own, if Instagram discloses data on their behaviour, there’s a very good possibility that they’ll quit using the app as much, which is obviously terrible for business.

Even if these individuals do not interact with other users on Instagram, they still consume the same number of advertisements as everyone else, and if they are called out for their behaviour, they may quit using the site entirely.

How to Use Instagram Stories/Highlights to Find Out Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Although Instagram does not provide users with a function that enables them to know who is visiting their accounts, it does provide users with a feature that allows them to see who has seen their Stories and Highlights. As a result, you may utilise the function to see who has recently viewed your profile.

To utilise this function to show your Instagram stalkers, simply touch on the profile image icons in the lower left corner of your most recent Instagram Stories. This will display a list of all people who have viewed your stories, even those who do not follow you. This function also allows you to block any users with whom you do not wish to share your Stories by pressing the menu button to the right of the user’s name and selecting the ‘Hide Story’ option, allowing you to simply block any Instagram stalkers you may very well have.

Because Instagram Stories expire after 24 hours, you’ll need to go through the list on a regular basis . However, if you want a longer-term overview of who has visited your Instagram profile, you can look at the same list in your Highlights, which also provides a list of all the individuals who have visited your profile.

How to Use Instagram Business Accounts to Find Out Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Using an Instagram business account, you can also check who has seen your Instagram profile. Having an Instagram business account can provide you with valuable information on who is visiting your Instagram profile, but there is a condition.

With a business account, you’ll have access to vital information about the individuals that visit your profile, such as their location, age range, gender, and the time they’re online. The insights, however, will not show the identities of all the individual people that have viewed your profile.

If that’s the type of information you’re looking for, you can quickly turn your personal Instagram account into a corporate one. To do so, go to Instagram Settings and select the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option, then connect your Instagram account to a Facebook Page that you manage.

Instagram will then offer you to select which contact information from your Facebook page you want to pull, as Instagram business accounts need users to have at least one contact information. Your new Instagram business account is now up and running. It is important to note that Instagram Insights does not gather previous data and begins collecting data only when the Instagram business account is created.



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