How to Send Coins Via the Bitcoin Network

What are bitcoins? Many people have heard of “digital cash” but may not be aware that bitcoins are a different form of currency. In fact, bitcoins are a form of internet money that cannot be physically located, but rather only acts as an online account. With this unique feature, bitcoins can be transferred from one user to another with no intermediary. This transfer is called “peer-to-peer” technology. bitcoin buyer is one of the most authentic guidelines that can provide all the authentic guidelines for investing in bitcoin. 

Basic Concept of Bitcoin Network

The proof-of-work (the actual bitcoins) that are mined are generated by a network of miners. These miners work in an effort to secure the network, and they do this by adding their personal computing power to the ledger, or ledger that is kept online. When you add your processing power, you actually increase the collective computing power that is done throughout the system. The more processing power that a group of individuals adds together, the more information is transferred throughout the entire system. As of right now, there are about fifty thousand people that use the bitcoin protocol, making it the largest distributed computer program in the world.

Bitcoin System -Alternative of Traditional Monetary 

One of the reasons that people are using this contemporary monetary system is because it is an alternative to the traditional monetary system. Most people are familiar with the proof-of-work system that is used with the World Wide Web. Although there are some differences between the way that the two systems operate, the basic concept remains the same. When you download the bitcoin software, you are actually running a ” miner” that is participating in the Proof of Work scheme.

The next question that you might have is where you would get bitcoins. Well, since the actual mining of the bitcoins happens online, it is actually very difficult for a non-internet user to participate in the transaction. Most of the major companies around the world are already taking advantage of this new form of digital currency. They have developed their own bitcoin exchanges to serve as a place where their customers can buy and sell bitcoins. One example of such a company is the bit bank which allows its clients to buy and sell digital currencies.

Bitcoin Wallet

Another question that you might have is how do you actually spend your bitcoins? If you are someone who is brand conscious, then you can choose to use a special kind of wallet called the wallet. This specific type of wallet has been specifically designed to keep your private key safe and secure from prying eyes. The private key is the key that you use to sign off on any transaction that you have with the bitcoin network. The transaction gets recorded in the blockchain, hence the term “blockchain”.

You may also find yourself asking how does bitcoin technology apply to government-backed digital currency like the euro or the dollar? Basically, like the gold standard, the government prints their own currency using the process of engraving a particular private key called the “digital wallet key”. In this case, both the government and the private key have to agree on a set of rules for proper accounting. Unlike the gold standard, however, digital currency never experiences an increase or decrease in value, which means that the euro or the dollar are not backed by anything physical.


Now, to send bitcoins to someone else all you need to do is send them a wallet request. The bitcoin software will then generate a transaction request from your private key. The software will then check if the requested transaction can be verified and if it is valid, it will return a relevant response code and then finally transfer the requested money to the address specified in the transaction request. The entire transaction is then handled between the two parties through the bitcoin protocol.

The biggest advantage of this new innovation is that there is no need to mine bitcoins in order to be able to spend them. Since you already have the software that generates the necessary transactions on your computer, all you need to do is download the bitcoin software, follow the instructions and get your hands on those 21 million coins. That’s how easy it is to send bitcoins from one computer to another!