How to send GIF messages on instagram,

You can quickly send GIFs to your pals in your Instagram messages, whether you’re wishing a “Happy Birthday!” or freaking out over the newest episode of your favourite TV programme.

You’ll need to utilise one of Instagram’s built-in keyboards to send GIFS and animated stickers using the direct message tool. By pressing the smiling face symbol in the message box after starting a new discussion or accessing an existing private chat thread, you may access the GIF and sticker keyboards.

Instagram will immediately send the image to your buddy once you pick and touch the GIF you want. Sending GIFs through direct messaging on Instagram’s desktop site is now unavailable; instead, users must use the iOS or Android applications.

What is the best way to send GIFs on Instagram I n the mobile app?

  • Enter your Message window by pressing the paper aeroplane symbol in the top right-hand corner of your newsfeed or swiping left in the Instagram app.
  • Select the Instagram buddy to whom you want to send a message by touching an existing discussion thread or selecting the pencil and paper symbol in the top right.
  • In your “Message…” bar, tap the smiling face symbol.
  • There will be a new menu . At the bottom, tap the rightmost “GIF” symbol.
  • You may choose a GIF from the popular list or search GIPHY using the search bar.
  • Send a GIF into a conversation thread by tapping it.