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Dogecoin developers tease its new version is coming

Dogecoin developers tease that its new version is coming. It will have a lot of bug fixes and security updates that might take Doge to the next level. It could also drive mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency and help the prices move back up. As of now, it is trading below 30 cents, with the all-time high being at 74 cents. While all other tokens have seriously jumped in price, Dogecoin is trailing much behind.

Dogecoin new version

Dogecoin developers tease its new version is coming

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Do you remember that Elon once said that he wants to reduce the transaction fees of Dogecoin? It seems like that is going to happen with this upgrade. The developers have been teasing the feature, and if that happens, it could take Doge mainstream. Yes, you heard that right; a meme currency is going mainstream. According to the rumors, the developers plan to enable 3rd party crypto wallets to support the cheaper transactions fees.

The developers did say that they are still in the verification phase of the new build and cannot confirm until they finish the process. The new 1.14.5 version and comes after 1.14.4, where there was a lot of scope for improvement. The new version will have a recommended minimum transaction fee of just 0.01 Doge per kilobyte, which makes it extremely cheap for transactions.

What about scalability?

Dogecoin investors have been long waiting for an upgrade that could change their investment’s future. It is already enjoying the network effect, and with the new upgrade and better scalability, the widescale adoption of crypto is nearly imminent. We have seen everyone literally everyone in the Dogecoin community talk about this new upgrade. And they are stoked and excited about where it might take the cryptocurrency. Even Elon replied to Billy’s tweet, saying that this will make it viable to pay for movie tickets with Doge.

Let’s see where does it take Dogecoin. I am hoping we will be up over the 74 cent mark in no time. It is good to see that the developers are turning a meme coin into a serious project.

What are your thoughts as Dogecoin developers tease its new version? And do you think it will take Doge’s price to new highs? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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