How to send messages with fireworks screen effect in iPhone

Sending screen and air pocket impacts utilizing the Messages application for iOS and iPadOS gives you considerably more ways of putting yourself out there while visiting with companions. You can utilize iMessage impacts to stress a point, express a temperament, celebrate, and make special impacts for no particular reason.

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To utilize iMessage impacts, notwithstanding, you’ll have to take a look at certain settings. This is what to turn on and how to involve impacts in Messages.

Directions in this article apply to iOS gadgets running iOS 10 and later. You can send message impacts among iOS and iPadOS gadgets.

Step by step instructions to Adjust iOS Settings for Message Effects

Several things in your Settings application will influence how message impacts show up and play. Here’s the place where to find and design those settings to guarantee you can utilize the impacts highlighted without any issues.

  1. Open the Settings application.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Tap Motion under the Vision heading.
  4. The two pertinent settings are Reduce Motion and Auto-Play Message Effects.

Full-screen impacts may not work assuming that Reduce Motion is Off, so tap the switch to On (green).

The Auto-Play Message Effects setting is discretionary. Turn it on to play impacts when you open a message containing one. Assuming you switch it off, you’ll need to tap an order before the impact will initiate.

As of iOS 10.1, impacts can play regardless of whether Reduce Motion is on.

Step by step instructions to Send an iMessage with Effects

With your settings figured out, you would now be able to send and get message impacts. This is the way to get to them.

You can apply air pocket or screen impacts to the message (counting emoticons) and pictures.

  1. Open the Messages application.
  2. Tap a current discussion or the New Message button.
  3. Type the message you need to add an impact as well.
  4. Tap and hold the Send button close to the message field.
  5. The Send with impact window will open. Naturally, you’ll see the Bubble choices, which apply various liveliness to the actual message.
  6. Select a choice to see a review of the impact.
  1. To access screen impacts, which involve the entire showcase, tap the Screen tap at the top.
  2. Swipe left to get to various choices. Select Firecrackers.
  1. Tap the Send button to communicate your message with the impact.

Tap the X button to drop the impact.


Step by step instructions to View Effects in Messages

Later you send or get a message with an impact joined, you can replay the movement later. To do as such, tap the connection beneath the message that says, “Replay [name of effect].” You can play an impact however many occasions as you need.

The Invisible Ink impact resets soon after you or the beneficiary uncovers the message.

Programmed Screen Effects in Messages

Some screen impacts play consequently assuming you send specific messages. You don’t need to find additional ways to actuate them. Here is a portion of the watchwords you can type and the impact they’ll make. The trigger expressions likewise work in different dialects, so test to see what sorts of results you get.