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How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Here’s how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, one can solve a Rubik’s Cube using either the Two-Look System (two algorithms) or the One-Look System (one algorithm). The beginner’s method breaks up the Rubiks cube into layers, and you can solve each layer by applying the given algorithm without disturbing any pieces that are already placed.

How To Solve A Rubik's Cube

The easiest way to solve the Rubiks Cube is by following an approach of solving first the bottom layer, then the middle layer, then the top layer last. In this step, we solve four border pieces on the middle layer, and in doing so, actually, complete the first two layers. Flip the Cube over, so that the solved layer is at the bottom.

Keeping the face facing up, rotate your cube to have the 2 neighboring corners on your right. When a side is solved, keep the cube with the front face on top and the solved side facing backward. Turn the cube around so that the corners are at the front right-top corner, and then slide the corners down the layer.

In the case where a corner is placed properly on the bottom 2 layers but is oriented incorrectly, repeat the algorithm from the right-hand side until the corner is placed. For a multi-layer solution to proceed once you construct the first layer, the solved part of the cube will need to temporarily be taken apart as you perform your desired moves and subsequently put back together.

To solve the next step, you need to perform a few algorithms, or spin patterns, which lead to the specific cube position. Our next objective is to reach what is called a yellow cross in the upper part of the upper part, without breaking any of the work that we did in the lower two layers. Once you have made the yellow cross, you will need to put yellow border pieces in their final position, in order to match the colors of the side center pieces.

In doing this, we also need to ensure the other colors of the four white edge pieces line up with the right centerpieces in the rest of the Cube. Flip over the cube (white is now at the bottom and yellow at the top) You should find there are 0, 2, or 4 pieces (of the white cross) facing up.

If the yellow side contains half of a cross, rotate the cube around such that the cross is pointed to the right, facing you. Once you have found it, turn the cube around so that the corner piece has its white face facing either right or left. Once all of the corner pieces are placed, simply shift the yellow-facing layer 1-2 times, as needed, until the cube is fully solved.



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