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How to Spy on WhatsApp in 2020 – An Ultimate Guide in 2020?

Do you know that a single wrong share or post on WhatsApp can put you in jail? Yes, it’s true. We are so fascinated to share things over WhatsApp that we often tend to forget to check the veracity of the facts and share them at the drop of a hat. 


If, God forbid, that post includes fake news or rumors and it has been noticed by the authorities then there would be no end to your agony. This is why you must learn the art and science of WhatsApp spying and keep tabs on your near & dear ones’ WhatsApp usage. 


As I have been there and done that, I am going to tell you about a WhatsApp spy app that has helped to keep my loved ones safe from this hassle. 

Spyier – Your Ultimate Godparent 


The use rate of WhatsApp is very high. Plus, the kind of stuff that we use over it is also very massive. These two factors make us believe that WhatsApp, with full accuracy & diligence, seems next-to-impossible. 


However, when your intentions are good and you’re determined nothing is impossible. I was in the same position when I received fake news forwarded by my 13-year old son to me over WhatsApp. He didn’t know what kind of mess he could get into because of this. But, I was.


So, I did my research and learned about the best WhatsApp spying app, Spyier. 


Packed with advanced features and facilities, Spyier is truly a real-world hero that will help you keep the hassles of social media at bay. It was not only me who got impressed by its flawless performance; millions of others across 190 nations have also shown trust in it. 


Needless to say, Spyier hasn’t disappointed any. This compelled the world media to sing in its praise. The Internet is flooded with positive and genuine reviews of Spyier.  Once you will know about its key specialties, I am sure you will also join the fan club of Spyier. 

WhatsApp is no more a headache 


WhatsApp spying is not an easy task and its extensive use by our hands made it further complex. Till now, the world was relying on jailbreak/rooting for this job. But, tell me to let you maneuver. These two skills are not everyone’s cup of tea. 


You have to belong to a tech-nerd group where everyone is Kevin David Metnick. No idea who he is? Google it. If you don’t belong to that group then thinking of jailbreak/rooting is like suicide. 


But, Spyier won’t let it happen to you. 


It offers you an inventive WhatsApp spying technology that is free from jailbreak/rooting. Operating this spying technology is a child’s play and keeps many hassles at bay. 


You don’t have to put the targeted device at risk, which is the case with jailbreak/rooting, to spy on WhatsApp. 


While you’re using it, none of your crucial data is exposed to the outer cyber world. Hence, it remains safe throughout the process. 


Using it is a cakewalk 

The very first factor that forced me to take a step back from my decision to spy on my son’s WhatsApp was my incompetency is this job. My skills were limited to downloading an app and using it. That’s it.


With such basic knowledge, the idea of spying someone’s WhatsApp seemed vague.  But, Spyier boosted my confidence by using it’s a kid’s play. Whether you bring it into action for iOS or Android, it works in a super easy manner. 


Spyier, for iOS, comes with a 100% browser-based interface that can be at your service without any download and installation. 


Spyier’s Android solution is no less than a modern-era marvel as it’s a precisely-designed app. This less than 3MB size app can track & record every movement happening on targeted OS. 


Its stealth mode hides the app’s icon from the app list and lets no one know about its presence on the targeted OS. Spyier’s installation and set-up won’t consume much of your time. If a novice like me can hold over every activity then you can also. 


Nothing goes missing 


While I was using Spyier, one thing that impresses me the most is that there is nothing that it can’t do. I was able to track almost every activity that my son was doing over WhatsApp. 


For instance, I was able to know about the media being shared, his chats, and even deleted texts. Not only were his WhatsApp activities on my fingertip, I was also able to figure out almost every single activity that he was going using his phone, such as:


Where he was going, which all social media accounts he was accessing, what his call history, and much more information was on my fingertips. 


In total, Spyier helped me to monitor 35 phone activities along with WhatsApp. It totally blows my mind and I was stunned to know that all these activities were actually traceable. But, now I know it and my son’s excuses don’t work anymore. 

It’s pocket-friendly more than you could ever imagine 


Are you thinking that this type of extensive WhatsApp spying is going to dig a hole? Then stop thinking because it won’t. 


You can utilize all these facilities and features for a month’s long time at a cost of $10. It’s less than what you spend on your son’s one-time day-out with friends. 


Data that you can trust blindly 


While you’re making so many efforts to hack someone’s WhatsApp, you would like to get hold of data that you can trust. Well, this is what your takeaways are with Spyier. It captures the data in real-time and renders data directly to your dashboard. Hence, no third-person has any chance to tamper it. 


To make things further easier, every data comes with a timestamp. So, when you have to cross-check the data, you’ll face no disappointment. 


Don’t let a friend turn into foe. Use Spyier!


WhatsApp is one of the best modern-era friends that we have. It helps us stay connected with our loved ones. However, WA’s wrong use – knowingly or unknowingly – can turn them into a foe in no time. 


So, more than using it, using it wisely and having continual monitoring is important. With the help of Spyier, I ensured that WhatsApp remains a friend to my son and never turns into a foe. You can also do it. 



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