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how to start the contract GTA online

” How to start the contract gta online” is a burning question for gamers. In any case, similar to other GTA Online extensions, beginning the missions can be the most baffling part, as it’s not in every case clear how to do as such. Extremely observant gamers might have seen another site on their telephone’s web program that sells extravagant office space. Here, you meet Franklin, who can assist with kicking you off with the accessible missions in The Contract to help Dr. Dre take back his music.

Source: PCGamesN

Source: PCGamesN

How to start the contract GTA online

In this aide, we’ll go through the means you want to take to begin and complete GTA Online The Contract missions. Moreover, you can procure a rebate for a portion of the new GTA The Contract vehicles by acquiring notoriety or by finishing the update’s missions with negligible issues.


GTA Online’s most recent update, The Contract, is out beginning today. Like the game’s other substance refreshes before it, The Contract offers players an opportunity to bring in cash in some new ways, albeit this time they’ll be working with genuine stars and one of GTA V’s principal characters, Franklin. All players will require is, in the run-of-the-mill GTA Online style, a touch of money to begin.



Whenever players first sign in after downloading GTA Online’s most recent update, they ought to get a call from Lamar Davis, who lets them know that they have a companion searching for work. That companion is Franklin, yet to begin working for the trickster turned-chief, players should buy an Agency property.

Office properties are situated across Los Santos and cost upwards of $2 million, requiring heavy speculation from players to begin. When an Agency building is bought, players can head over and meet Franklin and start a portion of The Contract’s essential positions, which task players with denying targets or killing gatherings of adversaries.

Contract occupations in The Contract are nothing excessively unique, ordinarily tossing the player into a circumstance where they need to kill a gathering of adversaries, bust into a safe, or track down a lost thing The compensation for these missions isn’t too uncommon either, remunerating players with a huge number of dollars, which, in the realm of GTA Online, isn’t too a lot.

Nonetheless, after finishing several essential agreements, players will be acquainted with Dr. Dre and before long approach a line of lucrative missions.

With that, you should now have all that you want to begin GTA Online The Contract. A new week-by-week update once again introduces the Cayo Perico Heist’s puma sculpture. It will review all of the GTA Cayo Perico Heist missions and the GTA Cayo Perico Heist focal points.



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