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How to Unlock More Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy
All you need to Unlock More Gear Slots in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an action-RPG game that offers players a vast world filled with mystery and adventure. With so much to explore, there are plenty of opportunities to collect gear and improve your character’s stats. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how you can unlock more gear in Hogwarts Legacy.

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The first step in unlocking more gear is to complete the Trials of Merlin quest:

This quest is marked on the game map and can be activated with Mallow Sweet. After activating the quest, players must solve a short puzzle in order to claim the reward and increase their gear slots. By completing the trials, players can earn new gear slots, allowing them to collect more gear and improve their character’s stats.

When players have filled all of their gear slots, they have two options. They can either destroy unwanted gear by clicking on the left stick or visit a shop in Hogsmeade to sell the excess gear for gold. If players are not near Hogsmeade, they will have to destroy the unwanted gear.

To make the most of the gear that you collect, it’s important to understand the different rarities and qualities of the gear. Gear comes in different rarities, from common to legendary, which impact the stats and abilities of your character. Additionally, the quality of the gear, from standard to masterwork, also affects your character’s stats.

How to unlock more good gear:

In order to unlock the best gear, players should focus on exploring the game’s open world and completing quests. By exploring the game’s world, players will be able to find hidden loot and collect new gear that they can use to improve their character’s stats. In addition to exploring the world, players can also complete quests and participate in events to earn new gear.

Another way to unlock more gear is to visit the shop in Hogsmeade. Here, players can purchase gear for gold, which can be earned by selling excess gear or by completing quests. By visiting the shop, players can acquire new gear and improve their character’s stats.

Players can also increase their chances of unlocking new gear by using special items. For example, players can use Mallow Sweet to activate the Trials of Merlin quest and increase their gear slots. Additionally, players can use items like treasure maps to find hidden loot and collect new gear.

Finally, players can also unlock more gear by participating in events. Events are special activities that take place throughout the game’s world and offer players the chance to earn new gear and improve their character’s stats. These events may include treasure hunts, battles, and other activities that challenge players and reward them for their efforts.

In conclusion, unlocking more gear in Hogwarts Legacy is essential for players who want to improve their character’s stats and succeed in the game. By completing the Trials of Merlin quest, exploring the game’s world, visiting the shop in Hogsmeade, using special items, and participating in events, players can collect more gear and become more powerful in the game. With so much to explore and discover, there is no limit to the amount of gear that players can collect and use to improve their character in Hogwarts Legacy.