Uploading GIF on Instagram
Image credits – Digital Owl

How to Upload GIFs to Instagram

Everyone likes GIFs, right? You like it, I like it, everyone likes it. Everyone likes GIF because it is fun and also make our lives easier every day. You can just use a GIF to convey a message, which will otherwise need a sentence or two. And as we all know, time is so precious that we will any day prefer GIFs to sentences. 

Now let us go technical, What is GIF? GIF means Graphics Interchange Format. It is almost like PNG or JPG formats but yes, GIF has graphics in it instead of a still image. It was developed by a team of computer scientists in 1987 (it is pretty old)

We all use GIFs while chatting in instant messaging apps or put them as WhatsApp status and all either for fun or to share informative things. 

Have you ever thought of uploading GIFs on your Instagram feed or story? Have ever you tried it for fun? It is pretty easy for a social media user.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to upload GIFs and stories or posts on its feed-in GIF format. Even if you try to do it, it’ll automatically get converted to an image (which is not our objective). We want GIFs on our feed & Story. 

How to Upload GIFs to Instagram

You can upload GIFs on your Instagram feed mainly by using two methods. 

One method is pretty easy, convert your GIF to a video file manually before uploading it to Instagram. One can use a third-party application for the same. 

How to convert GIF to MP4 format – 
  1. Open https://www.freeconvert.com/ in the browser
  2. Hover over the Tools option to get access to the list of options to compress and convert files
  3. Select GIF to MP4 converter from converters section
  4. Upload the GIF file from your device and click on Convert
  5. Once the conversion is done, download the MP4 file to the device 

You can upload that MP4 file to your Instagram feed or post it as a usual video file 

Yes, it is a little bit too much activity, right? We have one more method by which we can upload GIFs to the Instagram application. It is by using GIPHY. Yes, you heard it right. GIPHY is a platform where you can search for GIFs, stickers and clips. 

You should download the GIPHY application on your device in order to complete this method

Here is how you can use GIPHY to upload GIFs on Instagram
  1. Search for GIPHY App on Apple Store or Google Play Store
  2. Download and Install the application
  3. Create an account / Login using your existing account on GIPHY App
  4. Search for the GIF you want to share on Instagram 
  5. Once you find out the GIF you want, click on the share button (a small paper toy plane)
  6. Select Instagram as your sharing social platform
  7. Choose whether you want to upload GIF as an Instagram story or feed
  8. Your GIF will automatically be shared on Instagram by GIPHY.