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How to use Apple Pay at Store

Apple Pay is a digital payments app for apple products. It’s a point that lets you use your device to make mobile
payments without taking out your portmanteau, bag, credit cards, or cash.
There are several contending mobile payment systems­ especially, Google Pay and Samsung Pay for Android devices ­but
Apple Pay has come veritably common, accepted at about three­ diggings of the top US retailers. Soon, you will indeed
be suitable to use Apple Pay to take the New York City shelter. Want to use Apple Pay on your phone and keep your portmanteau in your fund? Then is how to set it up and use it.

How to set up Apple Pay

Still, you need to set it up independently on each one, If you plan to use Apple Pay with further than one device. To
configure your Apple Watch, read our composition, “How to use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch with your
credit card.”
Then is how to set up Apple Pay on an iPhone.
1. Open the Wallet app.
2. Tap the else sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
3. Tap” Continue” on the preface runner and also get ready to add your credit or debit card to the iPhone.
4. Add a credit card by letting the iPhone automatically scan the front of the card.
5. Tap “next”, to complete process
6. You should see the Terms and Conditions runner. Review the information and valve” Agree.”
7. Your iPhone will essay to confirm the card with the credit card company and add it to the portmanteau. For some
cards, this happens automatically, however, for other credit cards, you might need to enter a verification law or else
communicate with your credit card company. When you finish this process, you should see the card appear in your portmanteau. Reprise that process for any other
credit cards that you want to add.

How to make a payment

The stylish part of using Apple Pay on your phone is the convenience. It more or less works automatically ­you do not
have to go out of your way to make purchases with it. Then is what you do
1. When you’re ready to pay, hold the iPhone directly over the point of trade outstation. However, you can ask the
cashier where to place it, If in mistrustfulness.
2. The portmanteau app should launch automatically.
3. Still, use Touch ID or Face ID to authorize the sale, If you want to use the dereliction credit card. However, valve the
card you want to use before you authorize the sale If you want to switch to another card.