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How to use UPI 123PAY via IVR number on Feature phone

India has a huge cell phone customer base of around 118 crore clients. Of this, countless clients are utilizing highlight telephones. Be that as it may, highlight telephone clients have restricted admittance to creative instalment items. To extend the monetary infiltration, the UPI office for highlight telephones, 123PAY was created by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and sent off by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) recently. 123PAY empowers include telephone clients to carefully embrace a large group of exchanges given four innovation choices. They incorporate calling an IVR (intelligent voice reaction) number, application usefulness in highlight telephones, missed call-based approach, and closeness sound-based instalments.

How to Install & Use 123pay UPI In Features Phone : Steps to Download

Source: Golden Era Education

Ways of empowering UPI

• Pre-characterized IVR Number
• OEM Enabled payments
• Sound based Technology
• Missed call pay

Steps of instalment through Pre-characterized IVR Number

1. User calls the IVR Number from including telephone
2. As the client continues on the call, the profile is made interestingly client.
3. User notices the bank name for list account action.
4. Now, UPI ID is doled out to the client in the arrangement mobile.voice@psp
5. User is then approached to set UPI PIN by entering the check card subtleties and OTP
6. User is approached to make UPI No. which will be utilized for exchanges.
7. Finally client is prepared to make UPI exchanges

Three simple tasks to pay are

1. Call 080 4516 3666/6366 200 200/080 4516 3581
2. Select Mode of Transaction from Money move/balance check/versatile re-energize/NETC re-energize/settings ( Press the number as per the help wanted)
3. Enter UPI PIN to pay

Steps of instalment through missed call

1. Merchant makes Token with portable of client, Amount and discretionary Bill Number
2. Customer gives a missed call
3. Customer gets an approaching call
4. Customer enters UPI PIN
5. Message of instalment finish is gotten.

Steps of instalment through OEM Enabled instalments

1. Click on the GS UPI application
2. Enter telephone Number
3. Select your bank
4. Select your record
5. Enter OTP
6. Set UPI pin
7. All set prepared to pay

Steps of instalment through Sound based Technology

1. Customer call IVR number
2. Customer taps telephone on retail Pod and presses # after the tone.
3. Customer enters the sum
4. Over the IVR call client is mentioned to enter MPIN on the Keypad
5. Transaction reaction is sent.



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