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How to view lyrics on Spotify

Everyone loves listening to music. However, messing up your lyrics can be annoying. Thus, Spotify has come to rescue. By showing song lyrics on the app, Spotify makes it simple to sing along to a song. On the web, desktop, and mobile phones, we’ll teach you how to reveal these lyrics in Spotify. On this streaming service, song lyrics are available in a variety of languages. Not all songs, however, have lyrics accessible. Also, take in mind that Spotify introduces new features gradually. It’s possible that the song lyrics feature hasn’t yet made its way to your account.


How to view lyrics on Spotify with android or iOS


Use the official Spotify app to view lyrics on an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

First, open the Spotify application on your phone. Then find your song and play it.

At the bottom of the Spotify application, tap the bar showing the song that is currently playing.

At the bottom of the Spotify mobile app, tap the track that’s playing.

On the song page that opens, tap “Lyrics” at the bottom.

Note: If you don’t see the Lyrics option, the lyrics of the selected song are not available.
On the Songs’ page in the Spotify mobile app, tap Lyrics.

And Spotify will display the lyrics of your song.

View song lyrics in the Spotify mobile app.

To view these letters full screen, touch the letter or the More button.

View lyrics in full screen on the Spotify mobile app.

While your song is playing, Spotify will highlight the lyrics of the lyrics you are singing.

You can exit the lyrics view by tapping the “X” symbol in the upper right corner.

And this is how you make it easy to sing a song!

How to view lyrics in Spotify on the desktop or the web


You can access lyrics in Spotify on the web, Windows or Mac using the same steps.

First, open Spotify in your web browser or on your Windows or Mac computer, and then play the song whose lyrics you want to see.

Plays a song on Spotify.

At the bottom of Spotify, where you see the music controls, click the Lyrics option (a microphone icon).

Click the Lyrics option in Spotify.

At the top of the Spotify screen, you can see the lyrics of your current song. These lyrics will be highlighted as the song plays.

See lyrics on Spotify.

It’s that easy to view lyrics on Spotify on all your compatible devices.



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