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How to Watch the Google Event Live!!

How to watch Google Event Live!!

Google Event on 9 October 2018 Credits Livemint

Google’s event on October 9, 2018, in New York, is close.

We Know that this time Google will be announcing more than phones. Chromebooks, speakers and even smart home products may be a part of Google’s Annual event.

According to some Russian bloggers, Pixel phone will be costing $375 at Amazon. A new wave of Chrome OS tablet, a Google version of the Echo show will also be coming up.

The event will be starting at 11 a.m PT (8:30 pm IST). To watch the event live, there are some ways and here we are gonna tell you!!

How to watch the event live on YouTube

The easiest way to watch the event is from Google YouTube channel. Google will live stream the event once it gets started. By using YouTube, one can watch the event on any phone or any computer with no need for an extra app.

This makes one of the easiest ways to watch Google’s event. The YouTube stream will be scheduled to start 20 minutes before the event. But, if you start watching at exact 11 a.m. ET, you won’t miss much besides music and few-ads.

How to watch the event live on Twitter

As Apple did for its latest event, Google will also be live streaming on Twitter. If you prefer to use the twitter app for live streaming, you’re lucky. Unlike the YouTube stream, the stream on Twitter is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. There will be some benefits of watching on Twitter as you can see what others think of the products – live tweets related to the event will appear below the live stream.

You can watch here on twitter.

And not to worry if you miss out on the event, we will be updating about the event on our website and twitter!!

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