How to Wear a Body Chain

Body chains are among the newest jewellery options in the fashion industry today. Moreover, they are becoming regular accessories for parties, evening engagements, clubs, and any moment you want to look cool. Body chains are styled to be delicate and noticeable, as well as embellish or ornament any outfit when supplementing to the mix. It is one of the few jewellery pieces that can turn an outfit from to insipid to spectacular in a snap. 

And since body chains have become standard accessories, you may deliberate whether or not they are the ideal jewellery accessory for you. With the vast array of body chain options to choose from, you may want to figure out the best way to put them on. Well, you should not overthink it. Below are some techniques that can help you learn how to wear body chains. 

Casual look

Body chains can supplement a little edge to essential casual looks. To rock a body chain with your casual outfit, wear it with a crop top or some cut-offs. Body chains look superb, if not better when put on underneath clothing. Body chains beneath floaty crop tops bring a bit of sexy back. 



Evening wear

Original body chains are spectacular and exquisitely plated. They look amatory and erogenous on bare skin, thereby making them the ideal option for an evening event or party. The key to putting a body chain on your evening outfit is to embrace simplicity in your dressing but keep it super sensual. When looking for the ideal body chain for the occasion, do not settle for anything with details or prints such as beading. The body chain will easily disappear, and you will look like a hot mess. 






Do you have a backless dress but are not confident about what you can rock it with? Well, you should not worry much about it. Simply flip the body chain around. Original body chains work very well for this appearance. But, you need to note that you should keep the dress simple.

Additionally, you need to take into account what you will do with your hair. You can wear it in a bun or opt for a more dashing look. Also, you can wear your hair to the side for a day’s event. 

Statement body chains


As the name suggests, somebody chains are simply statements, and you have to put them on as they are. There are various sterling silver chains for men that you can get from a jewellery store and put them on as they are. So, you should not worry about what outfit you can rock them with or how best you should wear them.  







Back body chains are statements in themselves in that pure bodysuits complement the look impeccably. This plunging, vintage, lace bodysuit highlights the aspects of the chain. But, a bodysuit with a more front detailing and higher cut back would bring out the best of this look. 

In conclusion, when visiting jewellery stores, the majority of shoppers that is girls presume that you can only put on a body chain with swimwear. Well, that is not the truth. Putting on body chains on holidays at the bar or the beach is no brainer. Also, men can purchase various body chains and rock them with their outfits irrespective of the occasion. However, there are several ways you can wear body chain jewellery. And to help you out, above are some of the looks that you can rock.