How to win a chess by Levy Rozman

Gain chess from International Expert and YouTube’s top chess educator Levy Rozman (otherwise known as GothamChess) in this reviving and fun aide for amateur and intermediate players.

How to Win at Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Beyond: Rozman,  Levy: 9781984862075: Books

How to Win at Chess is a cunning and educational book that teaches you everything you need to know about the game, including all of the important movements and techniques to acquire serious advantages and keep you thinking several steps ahead.

Brimming with Levy Rozman’s signature appeal and go along with that have made him adored by a great many fans, the principal half of this remarkable aide presents rising players.  Overflowing with functional and simple to-follow ways to work on your game, How to Win at Chess incorporates more than 500 educational interactivity illustrations to assist you with better envisioning the board, as well as section explicit QR codes for selective reward content on Chessly, Rozman’s instructing platform.

Whether you need to turn into a recreational chess player or are preparing to be a Grandmaster, How to Win at Chess is the ideal intelligent prologue to the universe of chess!

Levy Rozman is an American international expert, mentor, commentator, and whiz decoration. He has GothamChess, one of the most well known chess channels on Jerk and YouTube.
Rozman has won numerous city and state tournament championships. He is a strong tournament player.
Early Vocation To International Expert
Rozman began playing chess as an after-school action when he was six years of age. He rose through the educational positions rapidly and procured his USChess national expert title in 2011 at the age of sixteen.

He arrived at his pinnacle USChess rating of 2520 and FIDE rating of 2420 out of 2018. He as of now holds the title of international expert and has beaten areas of strength for numerous, including unbelievable GM Peter Svidler during one of’s Named Tuesday occasions.

In 2021, Rozman arrived at the last of the I’M Not A GM Speed Chess Title on, where he lost to IM Roberto Molina.
Rozman’s playing style is dynamic and forceful.
GothamChess Channels
The GothamChess channel, which bears his hometown of New York as its moniker, was created and is hosted by Rozman. GM Hikaru Nakamura, WGM Anna Rudolf, IM Eric Rosen, and others have been on Rozman’s streams in addition to him. Rozman’s mind and humor have made him one of the top chess decorations on the planet.
On his Jerk channel, Rozman streams his games, online tournament exhibitions, instructing meetings, and educational substance to in excess of 500,000 supporters (as of November 2021). He additionally commentates on web-based tournaments and hosts sub battles against different decorations like Hikaru.

On YouTube, Rozman posts features of his Jerk stream. In September 2021, Rozman outperformed Agadmator to turn into the biggest chess creator on YouTube. His educational substance and examination of games are successes for his in excess of 1,200,000 fans (as of November 2021). Commentating And Content Creation
Rozman has additionally worked with as a commentator for significant occasions like the Master Chess Association, Named Tuesdays, Manifestations of pure awesomeness, and, surprisingly, the 2020 Candidates Tournament. He has likewise trained players and commentated on Manifestations of awesomeness, the chess tournament with the greatest crowd ever.

Rozman has likewise composed the intuitive illustration “Don’t Allow Them To palace.” Consistent with his forceful and sharp playing style, Rozman shows individuals how to construct fruitful attacks against their adversaries.

Levy Rozman Grant Asset
In October 2021, Rozman reported that he would donate $100,000 to finance grant chances to assist schools with cutthroat chess programs. He reported the 12 winners one month later in the wake of collaborating with to choose the winners.