5 Top Games With Simple Graphics (That We Still Enjoy)

Some modern video game graphics have become utterly incredible, and virtually indistinguishable from video footage. The cutting-edge graphics of the 90s and early 2000s now look almost comical in comparison.

People join waiting lists for the best graphics cards and modify their gaming computers to run the highest specifications possible, but how important are graphics really?

It is definitely true that basic graphics certainly don’t make for a bad game. Even in recent years, we’ve seen some huge viral successes and games that have gained a lot of critical acclaim even though they don’t have the best graphics. Remember when everybody went crazy for Flappy Bird?


If you want to put your strategy and people-reading skills to the test then poker is always an option. The game has been popular for over a century and has spawned many different variations. In the modern age, playing online is the most popular way to enjoy poker. 

Poker doesn’t need to have fancy graphics for you to be able to enjoy it. When you play online poker, it’s nice if you can enjoy a slick interface like the poker games at Ignition gambling site but the graphics are just a small part of this strategic game.

Other gambling games also fit the bill for great games with simple graphics. Roulette and blackjack don’t need to look photorealistic, you just need to be able to see what is going on.


A game that was never designed to have complex graphics, but still looks great when you play it. A lot of the beauty of Minecraft is in its simplicity.

The maker of the game, Markus Persson, sold it to Microsoft for $2.5 billion, which goes to show what a global phenomenon it became upon its release. The game has now been enjoyed for over a decade and runs on many different devices, from PC to console and even on mobile.

Age of Empires 2

Any of the earliest Age of Empires games could be mentioned, really, and Age of Mythology, the spin-off. However, we’ve chosen Age of Empires 2 for this list due to the fact that it has now been remastered and brought to the Xbox console for the first time, meaning lovers of the strategy game can rediscover the game.

As with a lot of strategy games, the graphics aren’t the most important thing. While AoE2 certainly has some fun and intriguing graphics depicting its different civilizations and units, it is fair to say they aren’t very realistic. 

Still, the game is an all-time classic, and the thrill and clever gameplay mean it still has many players all over the globe today, with more additions to the game being planned over 20 years after its initial release.


The graphics on modern Nintendo games are usually great, and Pokemon is no exception to this. They look very visually appealing even though they are cartoonish in nature, but in the older games, the graphics were blocky with an almost 8-bit feel to them. 

You can still play a lot of the older games using emulators like Dolphin, which means a trip down memory lane and a lot of the games we used to love in the 1990s. 

The early Pokemon generation took the world by storm, and the games still really hold up today even though there is so much competition out there. The characters and gameplay still have a huge following and the storyline from early Pokemon games is fun for kids and adults alike.


Undertale was made by an independent developer working alone. Toby Fox made everything for the game including the soundtrack which went on to be one of its most memorable features. Fox has gone on to make music for other games including modern games in the Pokemon franchise.

The game is a 2D RPG and follows a character who has fallen into the “Underground” which is a fictional land underneath the land. How will they get back to Earth?

This game has some really basic graphics which is part of its charm. As it was an independent game, there wasn’t a big team working on the graphics, but the amazing story and charming nature of the game saw it become a big success.

The game can now be played on a huge number of platforms including Xbox and PlayStation. 


Over the years, we’ve seen games with amazing graphics that totally lack in things like gameplay, story, and fun. It is proof that HD graphics are just one part of the equation, and in a lot of games, they don’t matter too much.

Graphics can be basic and still be good enough for the game, and in the case of certain casino games, as well as strategy games and retro console games, they can actually add a bit of fun.