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Do you need to compromise with your identity to be an entrepreneur?

I wish to be an entrepreneur. I will put my best to be one. This spirit within me is already on its pinnacle and I am pushing everyday into it. Someone advised me to read about the biography of successful entrepreneurs to learn. Someone else asked me to bring some ‘particular traits’ in me which every entrepreneur must possess. I got intrigued with the later one. Every time I thought of it, I was left bewildered and my mind still boggling to figure out. I could not resist anymore and launched extensive search operation to reach the answer.

Well! We live in world of parallel universe with people of like mindset. I am lucky enough that the same thought occurred to few others as well. While hunting, I came across this interesting conversation between Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project founder, and Clay Hebert, CroudfundingHacks.com’ founder. Watch it if you ever had or got clicked by the same thought!











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